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Nov 28, 2006 08:11 PM

Holiday lunch for 20-25 near Secaucus/Lyndhurst

Help! I need to schedule a holiday lunch for our team near Secaucus/Lyndhurst NJ.

Does anybody have any ideas where we could get a private room and decent food (at about 15-20 a head with beer and wine)?

Very flexible on cuisine as long as its nearby and tasty.

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  1. Well, here are some suggestions for you. You will have to call to find out about pricing and availability.

    Vivo has a private dining room that hold about 30 or so people. I'm going there next week for a Christmas party. I was there last year for one and the food was delicious and am looking forward to going back.

    Vivo Restaurante
    316 Valley Brook Ave
    Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
    (201) 372-0300

    Here's a link to information and menu's for them.

    Another place to check out (don't know about a private room, but, did eat there once and the food was good) is

    Tero's Restaurant
    224 Ridge Road,
    Lyndhurst, NJ

    Here's a link to their menu

    Another restaurant that I have heard great things about (not positive about a private room though) is:

    Fortunato Ristorante
    775 Riverside Ave
    Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
    (201) 804-6244

    Another suggestion:
    Trattoria Gelone
    650 Ridge Rd
    Lyndhurst, NJ

    If you would consider North Arlington (next town after Lyndhurst) I would suggest:

    Roma Restaurant
    33 Crystal St
    North Arlington, NJ 07031
    (201) 991-2550

    I've been there for a party and a shower and the food was very good and they might be reasonable. They definitely have a small party room.

    If you would consider Rutherford, then I would highly suggest (but again check about a private room) I know that they renovated, but, don't know about a private room.

    Trattoria Corrado
    7 Station Sq.
    Rutherford, NJ 07070
    Tel: 201 935 6606

    Hope that this is of some help to you.

    1. Wow! Thanks so much! I'll start dialing right now...

      1. Glad I could help. If they don't work out - just post - maybe I can come up with something else for you.

        1. We are on for lunch at Roma!

          Again, many thanks, you really saved me...though our admin was very confused when they faxed over the "funeral menu"

          1. LOL - I could see them faxing the "funeral menu" LOL

            Well, you should have a good time with good food in a nice place.

            Glad I could help.

            Happy Holiday!!