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Nov 28, 2006 07:57 PM

Visitor looking for specific recs in Financial District

Hello all,
I have posted here with wonderful results in the past, so thought I'd try again. I am coming to NYC for work and our office moved from Murray Hill area to way downtown, which I guess is the Financial District, off Broadway and Stone St. We are staying closer to Tribeca I believe, off Lafayette and Canal.
Here's what I'd love to find: good bagels, Indian food (specifically Chaat, if possible), Cuban and/or Puerto Rican food. Nothing too expensive since my nonprofit will be reimbursing. I should have at least one to two lunches open, and at least one dinner.
I'd appreciate your help so much. You guys were awesome when it came to locating Indian and Chaat in Murray Hill, and good bagels up there. We can't get bagels where I live, so that's a necessity!
Thanks so much!

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  1. downtown is going to be a tough one. i used to live close to the seaport and though i live in the village now, i work over at the world financial center. as far as i know, you're s.o.l. when it comes to indian food in the financial district. esp compared to murray (curry) hill. the good news (in terms of good cheap food) is that you'll be right next to chinatown. plus if you eat enough $2 plates of dumplings ... you might be able to sneak in a $40 lunch at Bouley, a dining experience at least on par, if not greatly superior, to most other dinners you can get in the City (dinners that would easily cost $100+)

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      Are there specific restaurants in Chinatown that I should hit, or miss? $2 plates of dumplings are good. Any dim sum? I won't be there over a weekend, but I might be able to get some office people together for dim sum lunch if they have it. I'll look more into Bouley as well. Thanks for the recs!

    2. Sophies Cuban should fill in one part of your list. It is on New Street, which runs between and parallel to Broadway and Broad St., from Exchange Place south to Beaver St. It's onthe west side of the street. This is not high end cuisine, but it is cheap and good.

      Indian, your choices are few. Diwan E Kaas (sp?) is on South William between Broad and Beaver on the west side of the Street. I have not checked in a while, but there was another Indian place (a few years ago), which I did not like as much, on Pearl just north from Broad. Those are the only choices I can think of for Indian in the area.

      Bagels, cannot tell you.

      1. Salaam Bombay on Greenwich in Tribeca is hit or miss Indian food, but seems to hit more often than it misses. I unfortunately don't know what Chaat is so I don't know if it fits the bill on that.

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          Chaat is like South Indian street food - dosas, pakoras, etc. There's a place called Dimple somewhere around E. 29th that has great chaat that I went to every time I was at our old office on business.

        2. Hey,

          I know its not on your list of requested cuisines, but I highly suggest you try Alfanoose (on Maiden Lane, east of Broadway).

          Its Middle Eastern, they serve excellent falafels, shwarma, shish tawook, baba ganoosh, mujadara, and more (pardon my spelling). Having worked in the area for awhile, I think it was the only chow worthy destination I found.

          Sophie's is not bad for Cuban. None of the Indian I tried in the area was worthwhile.

          Good luck.

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          1. re: millerd

            Another vote for Alfanoose.

            Also, on Stone street between William and Broad are a number of interesting restaurants. There's a scandanavian smorgasboard (a little pricey, though), Adrienne's pizza is good, also the carvery.

          2. Agree about Sophies for Cuban. Definitely not high end, but a great value, working guy's lunch spot. If you have anything more than about 4 people, I would get there as close to noon as possible or you may end up waiting and waiting and waiting.... I don't think they are open for dinner.

            Diwat is the same kind of place but for Indian, though it is open a bit later, until 8 p.m. I think. Ordinary food - not bad but certainly not great. The Pearl Street spot has closed.

            Tribeca, however, is a wonderland for Indian food. There are several places on Church St. that are open way late serving cabbies and locals. Give Pakistani Tea House a try. Again, inexpensive, casual places. There may be a fancier, more expensive type Indian restaurant open in Tribeca now, I'm not sure.....

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              Thanks everyone. Alfanoose sounds great - I'll definitely plan to stop in for lunch. Sophie's too. I've never been to Tribeca, so I'm happy to walk the streets a bit (not in a dirty way) and check out the local offers. One of the best places I tried a few months ago was in the Village I think and I believe it's called Caracas arepas bar. Yum! The ethnic diversity in NYC is fabulous, something we don't come close to here in the pacific northwest.

              Should I post separately about bagel possibilities in the area?

              Thanks again!