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Nov 28, 2006 07:50 PM

Dinner after the show in Providence

Sorry I am new, should have been more specific in my topic. My husband and I are seeing Movin Out at the PPAC and wanted to get a late lunch, early dinner somewhere in the vicinity. Any ideas? Some place with great food, not overly expensive, great atmosphere. Does not have to be casual. Looking to eat about 5:00 p.m. Thanks.

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  1. At 5 o'clock the atmosphere no matter where you go may consist more or less of, well, you. So, I suppose that leaves us with the place itself. Gonna recommend you hit Siena on Federal Hill.

    1. At such an early hour, I'm not sure what will be opened for dinner, so be sure to check beforehand; I don't think most people eat dinner THAT early (or lunch that late), even in RI. I might steer you to Bravo Brasserie. It's a little gimmicky, given its faux-French brasserie feel, but the food is very approachable and not expensive (most, if not all entree, are probably less than $20 and they also offer sandwiches). And the room, particularly at night, is attractive. Within walking distance of PPAC.

      1. A great place to eat is in downtown providence on pine st.
        CAPRICCIO. this is an outstanding restaurant with great italian food and very romantic atmosphere--you guys will love it!! check it out!!

        Frankie Imbergamo

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          Capriccio's is consistently written up as the best place in the state to take a first date - just delicious. Also I forgot, a short walk from the theater is Pot Au Feu, which Julia Child considered to be her favorite French restaurant.

        2. Very close to the theater (you can walk it) is Bravo, it's directly across from Trinity Rep Theater. For plain fun and casualness I loved Cuban Revolution. 10 Prime Steak and Sushi is great. A bit of a drive away is Federal Hill and you can pretty much take your pick, just about everywhere is good. But, is it a Sunday matinee? Much of the hill is closed on Sunday - and everywhere else opens late. Al Forno is wonderful and opens at 4 but again, closed on Sunday (my niece waitresses there, every week she has a celeb or big spender story)