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Nov 28, 2006 07:39 PM

Dinner tonight - pasta and eggs

Just me tonight...what can I cook deliciously for myself featuring pasta and eggs? (And no, I don't have any bacon, so carbonara's out.)


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  1. you could do an aglio/olio pasta, and have a fried egg on the side (or on top)! my twist: in pan, heat a splash of olive oil and garlic, toast some breadcrumbs in it until they turn a crunchy golden brown. remove from pan, and then heat olive oil, garlic, 1 anchovy fillet (for salt), and hot pepper flakes. toss olive oil mix with pasta, top with parmiggiano and the bread crumbs and put the egg right on could break the yolk, and it would make the pasta sauce thicker...
    this is my ultimate comfort food!!!

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      I have been dreaming about this recipe since you posted it -- and tonight's the night! Woohoo!

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        Just made this recipe and it was great!

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          What time is dinner? This sounds delicious.

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            While I know this is an old comment from back in 2006, I found it in 2013 while looking up some ideas for a dinner that could be made with eggs. Let me just say for those of you who may come across this now or in the future that it is absolutely delicious and delectable beyond words. I used Panko Bread Crumbs to make them extra crunchy (rather than standard bread crumbs) and WOW let me tell you how truly awesome this dish is for a quick supper, and easy on the pocketbook as well. Next time I make it, to mix things up - I think adding in a shallot and wilting some Kale and/or Spinach would be even more awesome, perhaps even a sprinkling of Italian Seasoning or Herbs De Provence. As for the recipe "as is" it truly does not disappoint! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the OP of this recipe. Try it people!

          2. similar to icey's version, but with truffle oil. Yum.....

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              Also good is a fritatta (not sure if I put in too many or not enough n's). I usually make it with leftover pasta, but you could do it with freshly cooked pasta. I fry some onions and peppers in a cast iron skillet, toss pasta with eggs, sharp/aged cheese, red pepper flakes, herbs. Mix in the fried onions and peppers. Pour the entire mixture back in the skillet and bake in the oven at about 350 until it's springy in the middle.

            2. Deborah Madison has a recipe where she cooks spaghetti, puts it in a frying pan, then dumps a bunch of beaten eggs over it. She bakes it until the eggs are done and cuts it into wedges. There are of course some sort of seasonings in there but I can't remember what she does-I'm sure you can be inventive.

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                That's it! I couldn't remember where I got the recipe, but that sounds like it.

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                    I've usually seen this referred to as _pizza di spaghetti_

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                    Add garlic, onions, olives any veggie. Tomatoes this is killer. We do this with left over pasta and my husband can't keep his face out of the fridge!

                  3. What about using a very soft boiled egg as a sauce? Like what they do over veggies sometimes at restaurants these days?

                    I have to admit I haven't ever been successful in creating just the right texture of egg using this method, but I haven't tried that many times. Supposedly you just steam the eggs in the shell at a very low level of steam, so they're warm and cooked (the whites are white, not cleary) but still very runny and therefore sauce-like.

                    1. We would do a pantry pasta, with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, sausage if we had some, otherwise balsamic vinegar, carmelized onion, etc. Then put soft boiled eggs in it for protein.