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Spice up my meatloaf!

I love meatloaf and have a good recipe for it, but am tired of the same old recipe. Any ideas to spice it up? I'm making it tonight! Thanks!

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  1. I made Tyler Florence's Ultimate Meatloaf a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit in my house. The red pepper relish really adds a nice zing.


    1. Smoked cheddar, stuffing instead of breadcrumbs, and honey garlic barbecue sauce instead of ketchup. I also add mushrooms and spinach.

      1. I've added spicy sausage to mine and it adds a little zing. And, hard boiled eggs in the middle are fun to find, too.

        1. This "Not Marcella's Meatloaf" posted by NYchowcook a little while ago is on my list to make -- looks yummy!


          1. A couple of tablespoons of prepared horseradish adds a nice bit of "zing" to a meatloaf without making it too spicy. It also helps make your meatloaf moist.

            1. This is THE BOMB!!!!----words of DH!

              Indian Meatloaf

              1 pound ground beef
              1/2 cup quick cooking oats
              1 medium onion, shredded in food processor
              1 medium apple, shredded in food processor (I throw the apple and onion in together)
              1/4 cup golden raisins*
              1/4 cup finely chopped peanuts
              1/4 cup ketchup
              1 egg
              1-2T. curry powder
              1 teaspoons ground cinnamon**
              1 teaspoons salt


              Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

              In a large mixing bowl, mix together all ingredients. Place meatloaf in an 8X4 in. pan.

              Bake for about 30 minutes.

              *I always plump raisins before using them in recipes. It makes them nice and soft that way. Place the raisins in 1/2c. boiling water and let them set for 5-10 minutes before adding to the other ingredients.

              **Use a good quality cinnamon (I used Vietnamese Cassia) as it really comes through in this.

              1. This was the *only* meatloaf I would eat when I was little and I still love it! I almost always make twice-baked potatoes to go with it.

                Barbeque Meat Loaf

                1-1/2 lbs. ground beef
                1 onion (finely chopped)
                1 cup fresh bread crumbs
                1/2 of an 8 oz. can tomato sauce
                1 egg
                salt and pepper


                other 1/2 of an 8-oz. can tomato sauce
                3 Tablespoons brown sugar
                2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
                3 Tablespoons vinegar
                2 Tablespoons mustard

                Mix beef, crumbs, onion, beaten egg, salt and pepper PLUS the first 1/2 can tomato sauce. Form loaf and put into loaf pan or casserole. Combine remaining ingredients for sauce and pour over loaf. Bake at 350 degrees 1 hour and 15 minutes.

                1. Our favorite is the Crusty Mustard Dill Meatloaf from Epicurious... Delicious!

                  1. This probably isn't the meatloaf you'll be making tonight, but it's one of those gone-before-it-hits-the-table wonders we all live for.

                    Start with the basic meatloaf recipe from "Joy" and sub in turkey for beef. Leave out the ketchup and add half as much hoisin as well as 1/2 C of roasted garlic. I usually make this recipe after I've made a batch of garlic oil (four heads of garlic peeled and thickly sliced, then simmered in a couple of cups of peanut oil for an hour) and thus have all of said garlic around. I also make sure to carmelize my onion/carrot/celery mixture. Just combine and bake per usual.

                    1. these are in my rotation...Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf, pineapple meatloaf, Italian meatloaf, Mexican meatloaf

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                        Ditto to the Prudhomme Cajun meatloaf - I alternate between making it and a "standard" savory meatloaf topped with ketchup/brown sugar. The cajun meatloaf is really jam packed with spice and flavor.

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                          Would you mind sharing how you make cajun meatloaf?

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                          Pineapple Meatloaf---I need to try it. Would you share your recipe?

                        3. Adding some sun-dried tomatoes to your regular recipe adds depth and makes it taste a bit like sloppy joes. Adding cream or chopped sauted mushrooms to the recipe makes it moist.

                          1. In addition to the sun-dried tomatoes, add capers, lots of fresh chopped flat leaf parsley, a little anchovie paste, and red wine (in addition to the garlic, spices, etc.). Plus, I always add freshly grated parmesan. Good eating!

                            1. I love to add raisins and olives to my basic meat loaf recipe. Makes it taste sort of like the filling of an empanada.

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                                Please tell me more. I LOVE green olives? What binders do you use?

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                                  I never use a recipe but usually I use finly chopped onion, pepper, celery,parsley and garlic of course. I will take a few slices of bread and let them sit in a bowl with milk until they are fully saturated then I break that into the pork beef mix with a splash of vinegar and the chopped veg. and egg. I at this point add the raisins and olives along with any other herbs and spices plus S&P. Sometimes I add parmesan cheese. If i find the mix to me to soft I add oats or more (dry) bread crumbs. Last time I made meat loaf i used crushed cheez-its and some tomato paste. This was pretty tasty but watch out for the salt if you are using already salted ing. such as the crackers or the olives. (I don't put tomato in my meat loaf usually. This has been questioned by my Hubby but, I'm cooking.) Sorry I don't have a recipe but I never use 'em.

                              2. Use a meatloaf "mix" - my local Publix gives ground pork and ground beef.
                                Add about a cup of crushed hot/spicy pork rinds, an egg, a tablespoon of chili powder and a cup of grated cheddar.
                                Bake as usual - make sure you pour off the grease as it accumulates in the loaf pan.

                                By the way crushed hot pork rinds also make a great coating for oven fried chicken and as a binder for salmon patties.
                                Got the idea when my husband was on Atkins.

                                1. I make an all-veal meatloaf that includes one sweet italian sausage. I believe key to a good meatloaf is milk soaked stale bread rather than bread crumbs.

                                  Give ground veal a shot - once you have youll never go back to abc gr. beef

                                  Thanks for the pork rinds idea eimac...sounds almost mexican.