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Nov 28, 2006 07:17 PM

Scharffenberger Brownies

I am blessed with truly kind and loving mother-in-law. She LOVES the Scharffenberger brownies at Le Pain Quotidien bakery, which has locations in LA, NY, and many other cities. Does anyone have a recipe for their brownies? I would love to make these for my dear MIL.

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  1. Here, you go, I believe they listed it in the LA Times awhile back, but this blog has the full recipe. I think you're talking about the belgian brownies.

    In case you're interested, here's my attempt at the recipe:

    They were excellent. Very moist and crackly on top like the real thing. I'd be interested to try them in the flat cupcake mold they use at the store!

    My Blog:

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      Thank you! I was with my MIL when she had her most recent Le Pain Quotidien brownie and as I recall, it was a traditional square brownie but out of a pan, and not in a muffin cup. Are these two different brownies, or would the recipe you linked to above work in a pan? Thank you so much!

      1. re: Ingrid Ingrid

        Hmm...I've been to Le Pain Quotidien alot and have never seen them serve a traditional square brownie. The usual belgian brownie is served in large flat white cupcake liners. Perhaps they are experimenting with a new recipe - and the one below is more like what your MIL likes?

        1. re: virtualfrolic

          I think I'll try both and see which she prefers. I'll gladly take home the "losing" brownies.

    2. (may not be the same recipe...


      I really like their milk chocolate. I hope Hersheys leaves their formulations alone....