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Nov 28, 2006 07:04 PM

Anyone familiar with Olga's Kitchen?

I'm having a moment of nostalgia remembering eating here with my dad when I was maybe 10. They serve their version of gyros (copious amounts of melted cheese are involved) and I loved getting the original Olga with a side of curly fries and a small Greek salad.

One day we went to the mall in PA, where the restaurant was located, for dinner and the store was gone. Turns out they're a Michigan-based company and the PA store wasn't doing so well so they closed. Years later when I was in college I actually sent an email to the company via their Web site asking if they had any plans to open another location on the East coast and I got a reply saying they were only focusing on their Michigan base. They did, however, have a store in Thousand Oaks, CA. My father lives in CA and the last time I was out there I asked him to drive me and my husband to Thousand Oaks so we could eat at Olga's. The food wasn't quite as good as I remember, but it was still fun to take a trip down memory lane.

Anyone else ever eat at this chain? I just checked their Web site and it looks like the Thousand Oaks location is no more, but they do have a store in Ohio and two in Illinois.

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  1. they went through some tough times in the 90's but are looking to grow again.

    they have about 25 stores in michigan, many of which are in malls.

    i used to eat at the ren-cen location when i worked there in 1992. i liked the curly fries but i think that there gyros are mediocre and over priced. much better quality and value at anyone of the 10,000 coney islands around town.

    1. I'm from Michigan, and Olga's is one of those childhood comfort foods that I try to indulge in when I visit the folks (we pick it up to go on the way from the airport); I get the 3-cheese Olga, which includes the meat plus lots of cheese and that oh-so-special sauce. Authentic - not in the least. But tasty in its own way.

      1. I'm worked in Birmingham at the Village Green back in the 1970's and would go to the original Olga's in the
        Continental Market every week for a souvlaki. Olga worked the counter with her sons...strictly a family affair. The pita was the best. I make it back to Detroit once or twice a year and always try to stop by an Olga's. The old Village Green in Birmingham where I worked is now an Olga's...or I go to the one in Livonia at the mall. Overall they aren't quite as good...however the pita bread is still freshly made and delish!

        1. Olga's for breakfast- in Ann Arbor, State Street...same block as State Street the 70's..fresh, hot pitas...

          1. God, I miss Olga's. I grew up in Michigan and went there all the time. I loved the Olga bread and the Greek Salad. I still crave the Snackers with the cheese spread. I'll have to make a point to go there when I go home for Christmas.