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Food Delivery Parkdale

I live at Queen and Dufferin and would like to get some good recommendations on food delivery to this area. Usually I order Vesuvios Pizza because I don't know anything else that delivers here. I am looking for good Chinese, Thai, etc...

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  1. Does Bacchus Roti deliver? If so, that's a great option.

    1. Rice & Noodles does decent Chinese. Not great, but decent, and certainly cheap. Thai Spring Roll on Queen is outstanding, one of the better Thai restaurants in the whole city, and they deliver. Also, Magic Oven does great pizza - I know there have been complaints about their delivery time on this board, but I've never had a problem with the Liberty Village location.

      1. I don't think Bacchus delivers. It is a good option as is Island foods for take out. But I want something that is deliverable and more unique for me, as I eat rotis all the time.

        1. I second Thai Spring Roll on Queen. Excellent food and quick delivery. I don't know if The Curryer is still around. They do delivery only and it's great Indian Food. Costa Pizza on Roncesvalles (don't know if they deliver) have great pizzas.

          1. Cosa pizza on roncesvalles is great, and they do deliver... very friendly too!

            1. I have always found Cosa to be inedible myself!

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                I have to say I've been very unhappy with Cosa the last few times I've ordered.

              2. thank you for all your suggestions. Please keep them coming. I have been to thai springs rolls and I am not a huge fan but its a good option to have. I already love Vesuvios pizza and I am not looking to switch. I agree with Non Doctor I never liked their pizzas. What was that indian delivery curryer - that is exactly the kind of thing i am looking for. I found their website and it looks good www.thecurryer.com. They don't have retail location but deliver? Their menu looks very good. I will try it. Anyone have any good chinese recommendations?

                1. Freshwood grill delivers good food , upscale diner ,great sourdough sandwich wraps and daily specials. Also very popular for brunch and grilled market fish entree's


                  1. I tried the curryer once and it was pretty bland. Haven't tried it since then. If I want curry I usually get take out from Gandhi at Queen and Bathurst.

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                      Mother India on Queen just east of Lansdown is also fantastic for Indian take-out. I heard they are the same owners as Gandhi.

                    2. agreed , i had a terrible experience with the curryer ! Really wanted to enjoy the food and was very excited to try them. Food very bland ,unenjoyable. Try north of bombay for good indian delivery ,nice eat in aswell , dundas w at pacific.

                      1. Ah, a subject dear to my own heart.
                        For Chinese, I have recently been enjoying Westwood Grill, which is in the Junction but delivers to our 'hood. Rice and Noodle is also a good option, and the quality of the meat is good.
                        The Curryer, in my experience, has small portions for what you pay. Trimurti on Queen and Spadina delivers to our neck of the woods, but it might take a long time.
                        The Sushi place on bloor west beside the NO Frills (I think called Sushi Village) delivers standard cheap sushi to Parkdale, nothing spectacular, but passable.

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                          I too would reccomend against the curryer. I'm typically not fussy but not only did I have the worst Indian food I've ever experienced from there, it was one of the worst meals period. Maybe it was off, but our food all tasted the same. Way too pungent and an overwhelming clove taste. My girlfriend agreed. Cosa pizza is good. Black Cow just north of Queen on Roncesvalles is alright. Freshwood grill is decent for delivery food if you're looking for something beyond the usual suspects. Magic Oven has good wraps (sausage and peppers is awesome) but it's staffed by hippies so expect a wait.

                        2. Its funny about the Curryer - I have had many discussions about (including being involved in one on this board) but people seem to be passionately split about it - some are crazy and some feel left in the cold. For my two cents worth, its is excellent if slow some nights on the delivery side. It is definitely authentic (I am east Indian) - but to each their own! Got a couple of good reviews, and I think one bad (from what I heard). Friendly Thai is good as well btw.

                          1. Anyone know the name/contact info of the Thai place beside Vesuvio's on Dundas? For the life of me, I cannot find anything online.

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                              The Thai restaurant just west of Vesuvio's is Friendly Thai, the also have a location in Roncesvalles.

                            2. Spring Rolls is credible Thai for the price - rather inexpensive (Rainbow wrap and Curry pad thai are nice).
                              Amico's is pretty decent for delivery pizza as is Pizza Nova (seriously. just order the thin crust).
                              Also for the pickup, the best Vietnamese in the city is in the 'Dale: Asia 21 at King and Dufferin (their bun rocks!)

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                                One word of warning about ordering from Thai Spring Rolls: There are actually TWO restaurants by that name that deliver into Parkdale.

                                One of them is located 1512 Queen Street West near Lansdowne - the full name is Lee's Thai Spring Roll - and they're pretty good. Decent food, and generally quick delivery.

                                The other is at 500 Queen Street West near Spadina. We made the mistake of ordering from them last weekend. We placed an order around 6:30, and were promised that it would arrive within 45 minutes. At 7:30, it hadn't yet arrived, so I called back. After some obvious confusion and paper-rustling on the other end, I was told that it had already been sent out and would be arriving in "about 5 minutes".

                                25 minutes later, it still hadn't arrived, making it obvious that our order had been forgotten, and they just started cooking it after my 7:30 call. I called again, telling them to cancel the order. Phone guy says that it's "on its way". I say that I have no intention of paying for it even if it does show up. Phone guy says I'll have to work that out with the driver. I hang up.

                                5 minutes later, just as we've started heating up some soup for our much later than expected dinner, the delivery guy shows up. I tell him that he can give us the food if he wants to, but I wasn't going to pay a dime for it. He tries to convince me that I should pay half-price. I laugh. He gives it to me for free.

                                After all the trouble, the food wasn't even very good, and the free pad thai I was supposed to get for ordering over $30 was missing.

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                                  Actually I was talking about the chain called simply "Spring Rolls". The one that started out on Yonge near Bloor and then went ballistic with locations popping up all over. I'm not saying it's great but for a place with most if not all dishes under 10 bucks it is.

                                  I know the Lansdowne place you mean and I personally think it's not very good - way too much sauce and grease, but very pleasant staff however.

                                  Thanks for the heads up on the Queen Spadina one though. I was thinking of giving it a shot as it's closeby, maybe now notsomuch.

                                  While we're dissing Thai, count out the one further west on Queen (Queen Thai or something) near Euclid unless you want to gorge on peanut satay - they chuck tons of it in every dish we ordered - overkill, bletch.

                                  I'm done with most Toronto Thai. Vietnamese on the other hand...