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Nov 28, 2006 06:50 PM

Kosher between Wash DC and BWI

I need to be in DC tomorrow and will be flying in and out of BWI. Does anyone know of any Kosher places that would be on the way as I drive back to BWI from DC?

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  1. Well that depends on your timing and you means of transportation. Within DC there are only 2 options: DCJCC and Eli's Deli. In the suburbs in MD you have numerous options in the cities of Rockville, Silver Spring and College Park. Any of these would reasonably be in the direction of BWI. The following lists the various restaurants and their info. Let me know if you want to know which ones are better or worse. :)

    1. I wound up eating at Eli's and really enjoyed it. It was easy to get to from downtown and the food was fresh and quite tasty.