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Philly Food Gift Ideas

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Trying to think of some Philly-centric gift ideas for the holidays. Are there any places that overnight foods? I can't imagine a cheesesteak would be any good shipped but are there any places that do it? hoagies?


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  1. The Pennsylvania General Store does some nice baskets. We've used them before and have been very pleased...


    Also DiBruno Brothers does some nice ones as well, although not as Philly-specific as you might like.


    1. Taste of Philadelphia does baskets. I think Tastykake also ships now. And per their website, amazing Italian bakery Isgro's ships too:


      Thank you.

      1. For a birthday gift this year, my son got a soft pretzel making kit from the Philadelphia Pretzel Company (I think that was the name). It was great fun--came with sprinkle on toppings and a bottle of yellow mustard. It would be easy to ship.

        1. Jersey related, but there's a lot of overlap between Jersey and Philly foods...




          Also, I think this link might provide some answers:

          1. Thanks for the suggestions...I may try my hand at making my own assortment of Philly goodies!

                1. If you're sending to adults, don't forget some Blue Coat Gin or Yards Brews.

                  Not as easy to ship, but every time we go visiting these days, we usually get requests for scrapple and tomato pie.

                  1. John & Kira's (Jubilee) chocolates! Weren't they named #1 by Consumer Reports a couple of years ago?

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                      I send John & Kira's every year - they're a great company and their products go over so well!!

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                        Try Eclat chocolates, based in West Chester. They beat the pants off Jubilee.

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                          Actually, John & Kira's got a mention in yesterday's Wall St. Journal as one of the most highly regarded American chocolates.

                      2. I am sure you have a thousand ideas already but Termini's Bakery http://www.termini.com ships and has excellent torrone, etc.