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Nov 28, 2006 06:33 PM

Portsmouth NH recommendations

Planning to meet friends in Portsmouth for an early pre-show dinner on Friday. For casual bar food, which is better -- Portsmouth Brewery or Portsmouth Gas Light (not sure if I have the correct name.)? I haven't been to either place.

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  1. Portsmouth Brewery by a mile.

    Food that is a few notches above usual "pub grub"; excellent crafted brews.

    1. We love Portsmouth Brewery. To be fair, though, I've not been to Gas Light in several years now; I did like it, a bit more subdued than the Brewery. I've gotten the veggie jambalaya the last two times I've been there - I've developed something of an addiction to that dish. Food is much better than standard pub fare (plenty of veggie options, too), matched perfectly to their beer, and we really dig the beer. We live in Boston, but always get our growler filled up (not for the drive home, of course!). The Double Wit, if it's on tap, is delicious. One caveat - it can get very crowded and loud, though, no matter what day of the week. Last time, we just barely managed to squeeze into the bar.

      1. The burgers, etc. at the Portsmouth Brewery are pretty good. I really like the bbq pork sandwich. Anything more expensive on the menu is not worth it. I think the beer is only average at best, and and it's flat half the time I go there.

        We'd avoided the Gaslight for a few years, BUT, have gone back there three of four times in the past six months. Everything my wife and I have gotten there has been great. Excellent burgers, reubens, and salads. Very clean, nice atmosphere. And they take better care in serving beer than the brewery next door.

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          Have you been back to the Portsmouth Brewery since Tod Mott took over as head brewer, about a year ago? I think the beer has improved dramatically since he's been there. I was there this past weekend, and had the milk stout, as well as tastes of the Belgian Dubbel and Tripel. They were all excellent, IMHO.

        2. I've never been a big fan of the beer at the Brewery. However I'm a huge of the pizza in the lower level of the Gas Light. At the Gas Light you have the option of name brand beers (like Guiness). The other alternative is the Sports Page, located on the opposite end of the parking garage from the Gas Light, also on Hanover St.

          Since all of these places are within a block of each, why not have a beer at each - then decide?

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            Great suggestion, if we have time - we've made plans to meet at the Brewery - will let you know how we fare.

            Thanks to all who've responded!

            1. re: phoebek

              Did not like Sports Page AT ALL the one time we stopped in (we wanted to see the OSU football game - they were the only ones with it on). Food was less than mediocre, bad beer selection, unattractive interior. The bartender had no knowledge about the drinks that they offered (she had to look at a cheat sheet). I think there are much better places in Portsmouth to check out.

          2. Thanks, everyone! The rain/deluge precluded any bar-hopping, but we were happy at Portsmouth Brewery. 4 meals: 2 Jambalaya, 1 burger; 1 pulled pork sandwich. Person who ordered the pulled pork has spent lots of time in the south and declared the sandwich "pretty close" to what he'd had there; the jambalaya was nice and spicy, and the burger was nicely cooked (medium, but still a trace of pink). Beers were good; no one had a problem with flatness; DH said the stout was a bit light for a stout, but tasty nonetheless. We'd go back there!