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Nov 28, 2006 06:23 PM

Anyone have any recs for some italian cookbooks?

Anyone have "Italian Easy: Recipes from the London River Cafe" and the second book how are they?

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  1. I have the other one - I think it's called the River Cafe Cookbook or something like that. I like it - the amatriciana is a favorite - but there are some errors in the book in terms of ingredient amounts.

    1. if you're asking for rec's. Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Italian Cooking is outstanding.

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        Second that. I also use Cucina Fresca frequently--by Viana La Place & Evan Kleiman.

      2. I've borrowed Italian Easy from the library. Unlike my other library cookbooks, this one was returned fairly quickly.

        Although there are some beautiful pictures and clever organization of the book (what jumps to mind is the bruschetta section where each page has about 15 pictures of brushcetta and the next page had the ingredients), there were major flaws in the book. The biggest flaw was that the ingredients weren't quite accurate. There was always something a little off about them. The few dishes I made came out a bit flavorless, and I upped and added some ingredients. It's not that the directions were sparse (which they were) but the combination of flavors within the dishes just didn't work. After a couple of recipes (I made a few pasta recipes), I returned the book and moved on.

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          I agree about the sparseness of the directions.

        2. Although I generally am put off by Mario Batali's antics, I really like Molto Italiano.

          My favorite Italian cookbook is Italian Regional Cooking by Ada Boni. It's a beauty of a book (if it's still in print) with gorgeous pictures and recipes from each region. I also have Marcella's 2 book set (can't remember the name but they're at least 20 years old)

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            I'm pretty sure the Ada Boni book is out of print. However, it looks like you can get a copy from (that's where I got mine).

          2. The Silver Spoon, is the hands down best Italian cook book I've ever used or come across. It's the Italian version of the Joy of Cooking - what Italian mama's and grandma's have used for almost a century, and only last year was it translated and released in English. And it's much easier to find this year than last. It is a Bible of Italian cooking. Great simple recipes and lots of pictures. But best of all it has separate sections for each course and each major ingredient (from 20 different vegetables to every meat and fish imageinable). I've made 30 or so recipes from it in the last year. If only we could get the same quality ingredients in the US, it would taste just like my tour of Tuscany last year!

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              Weird. I posted about a bargain Silver Spoon at COSTCO and got mainly "don't bother" responses. This was about 2 weeks ago, I think.