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rock shrimp

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So I got some peeled and deveined rock shrimp from the grocery store and don't know what the best way to cook it would be...any ideas? I want to make a special dinner for my boyfriend for taking such good care of me while I had a sprained ankle. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, your post may end up on the Home Cooking board where I recently posted this recipe for Shrimp with Chardonnay Dijon Cream sauce...it was heavenly!


    Yaela...by the way, where did you get the rock shrimp? I live in Florida and rarely ever see it any more, though when I bought the shrimp for the above-referenced dish, the wild Gulf shrimp I bought had about 10 rock shrimp mixed in with it!

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      Hi, thanks for that delicious looking recipe! Believe it or not I got it from Publix! The meat manager was really nice. I had called another Publix and they said no-can-do so I tried another one and he said no problem! It was a lot more expensive than I thought - $26 for 2 lbs!! But they peeled and deveined it for me. Thanks again for the recipe. Next time I want to try something special I'll keep wild Gulf shrimp in mind.

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        Rock shrimp have a "rock" hard shell on them, and I'm sure, they came peeled and deveined from the box--Publix didn't peel them. Fifteen years ago, when regular Mexican whites got so expensive, the rock shrimp appeared on fish mongers' offerings. Back then the shrimp were selling for $3.00 to $5.00 per pound. Now they are more prized than regular gulf shrimp as they are far more forgiving if over-cooked. I believe wholesale prices now are in the $6 to $7 dollar range.

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          This is exactly why the restaurant I mentioned in FL is so popular - the owner created and patented a machine that does nothing but peel and devein rock shrimp - otherwise it wouldn't be worth it for them to serve rock shrimp by the gallons every day. I guess it's a grueling process without it.

      2. pat very dry, and season with salt, pepper and chili powder. sear quickly in a super hot pan. they'll cook in seconds. finish with squeezed lime, chopped cilantro, sesame oil and sesame seeds. maybe some slivered nori. serve with soba noodles and a miso soup to start. yum.

        1. These shrimp are very tasty, so they don't need a lot of fiddling with. Saute briefly in butter, season with salt and pepper, finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a splash of white wine. Keep the sides simple, too: crusty bread and a salad. Enjoy!

          1. The famous Dixie Crossroads in Florida (my hometown) that is well known for it's rock shrimp broils them with butter and garlic - fantastic! (they also fry them but I prefer the broil method)

            1. I've had wonderful tempura rock shrimp at a restaurant in NYC - but no recipe I'm afraid. Served with a creamy mustardy sauce and some kind of mild radish.

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                  Blue Ribbon Sushi. It's gotten more and more expensive, though, so I've not had it for quite a while.

              1. I've been eating these little beauties since the 60's, when they used to give them away on the docks at Canaveral. Cut up my fingers to a frazzle cleaning them. The peeled ones you get in the store are perfect for broiling. Lay the nuggets out on a greased sheet and brush with a little butter and garlic juice. Sprinkle on a little salt to taste, and a good Cajun or Caribbean spice blend if you want a little kick (not too much though, because it's the sublime taste of the meat you want). Broil just until the meat goes opaque, and curls up a bit. Don't overcook. You can dip in some melted butter as you eat, provided you still have a few arteries open. Enjoy!

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                  Unfortunately, all the rock shrimp I have found in NYC the last few years have been treated with sodium metabisulfite or something similar..same stuff they treat "wet" scallops with. The stuff absolutely ruins the texture....makes them completely inedible.

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                    I've gotten them at Citarella, and they are not treated there with anything..and are delicious and easy to make--quick saute with cilantro and peppers, and garlic--

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                      I haven't been to Citarella in a while, but the last few times I was there the shrimp had been treated...fortunately, they were open about it. Years back, I had been able to get untreated shrimp. A few days ago I saw rock shrimp at Dean and Deluca...I was told that whether they are treated or not depends on whether they are fresh or frozen...the ones they had were defrosted, and had been treated.

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                        Shell on rock shrimp freeze very well. Living in Florida circa 1990 I ate them often, my favorite shrimp. We prepared them at home. None of that disgusting preservative you speak of. You always saw them shell on

                        You can do a google search on the undoing of the rock shrimp fisheries.
                        What happened is a de-shelling machine was invented which made them super popular. Leading to over fishing and the high prices today

                        I had some ethical rock shrimp a few years ago. No preservatives. They were delish but ye old shell-on were better, more real and more fun

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                          was not aware citarella was treating their rock shrimp, I've never had a problem with toughness with them--haven't been in the last year---though---not sure about the dean and deluca answer to you, because as far as I know, most shrimp is flash frozen on boat for best quality, and it's then defrosted by the selling agent--much better to buy your shrimp in frozen state before it's defrosted at all---too bad bj's or costco doesn't have frozen rock shrimp--but their other frozen shrimp is good and no chemicals.

                  2. Gentlemen, Gentlemen, 1 word for you......Eataly

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                      That's the only place where I've gotten decent rock shrimp!