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Nov 28, 2006 06:10 PM

Great restaurants in northbeach/russian hill/nob hill?

My boyfriend recently moved to northbeach and I would love to find out some good restaurants in the area. Since I'll be visiting a lot from NYC, would love to find a great little italian restaurant and also a sushi restaurant, but I'm a lover of all foods, so any favorites would be welcomed, regardless of cuisine!....thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    1. Thanks so much- these two posts are incredibly helpful! I have to narrow down one of these for a late dinner on Friday (my plane arrives at 9:30) and one for a late lunch on Sunday. Any opinions?

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        Where will you be staying exactly? After a long plane ride and with three hours time change a short walk would probably be a plus.

        Rose Pistola is very pleasant for a late lunch but I think the kitchen's closed from 4pm to 5:30.

      2. I agree- It looks I will be staying on Union near Hyde/Leavenworth...

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          Okoze Sushi's right around there, open till 11.

          Unfortunately even on Friday most restaurants close at 10:30 or earlier, that really narrows down the selection.

        2. I was afraid of that. I guess I will shoot for Okoze on Friday night if I make it in time and Rose Pistola for Sunday- are there any dishes you recommend?? Thanks again!

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            How are you gettting from the airport to the city? If your boyfriend's picking you up, there are numerous places open late on the way in. Oola's open till 1am.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I think I'm taking a cab in unfortunately. Now, with the weather forecast in NYC, I'm worried that I won't even get in on time! :( I think he may just have to order some good takeout for me and heat it up...I guess I'll have to shoot for Sunday for my wonderful meal!