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Nov 28, 2006 06:01 PM

Any good places to eat on H Street NE?

Just moved to the area and know about the new bars opening up, but what about the food?

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  1. Good but basic food up there. Still no trendy tablecloths.
    Horace & Dickie's (809 12th, NE) for fried fish and chicken, good desserts but no seating.
    Ohio Restaurant and Bar (1380 H, NE)is an urban 60s-style diner with real soul-food, not a trendy modern version.
    The Argonaut (1433 H, NE) has catfish po'boys, fried green tomato BLT, sweet potato fries.
    The Red and The Black (1212 H, NE) has New Orleans-style food.
    The Palace of Wonders microwaves junk food.
    The Majextic (1368 H, NE) has Southern cooking to go with live jazz, hand dancing and odd hours.

    Atlas Performing Arts Center and H Street Playhouse are bringing crowds to the strip so more places are opening monthly. A new coffeehouse/wine bar will open in December in the space where R&B Coffee was located. Another new restaurant coming in the 1000 block this winter. An Ethiopian Coffee/pastry Shop is opening in the 400 block.

    Parking is a problem in the neighborhood. Free taxis to Union Station from the area on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 PM til 2:30 AM.

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    1. re: MakingSense

      i would not call the red and the black 'new orleans-style' food. its named after cajun/creole dishes, but doesnt taste anything like them. i tried the gumbo, which was more like a chicken soup. creamy and white, with no roux. the jambalaya was very tomatoey and no spice. didnt try the beans and rice, but the mufalleta came on a plain sub roll.

    2. I recommend the Ohio Restaurant. I've enjoyed everything I've had there, including the meatloaf, fried fish, smothered pork chop, and turkey wing.

      I'm not crazy about Phish Tea, which has some really amazingly slow service. The food's not worth the wait.

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      1. re: Steve

        I beg to differ. Phish Tea's Phish Tea is phenomenal, spicy fish soup, and the battered, fried shrimp appetizer is to die for. Three other people with me all adored their meals. Service was fine when we were there, but it was right before closing, so that's probably not a good estimate.

        1. re: kzzaaa

          Now that the Ohio Restaurant is closed, I'll try to return to Phish Tea and check out those items. I so much want it to be good as it is right next door to the theatre. Thanks for your post.

      2. Unfortunately, the owner of the Ohio restaurant, Betty Ayele (pictured here --, was murdered in October, and the restaurant is permanently closed.


        1. The Rib Tip at 12th and H will be offering expanded hours (up until 8pm) by the end of January. Their greasy spoon breakfasts sound awesome (and cheap).

          1. Phish Tea has now closed as well (I've heard they were way beind on rent payments, and the service was never that great). I look forward to the Rib Tips dinner offering (full disclosure: I'm the author of the Frozen Tropics posting linked to above). The breakfast was tasty. You can get a similar carry-out breakfast (or lunch) at Tony's (14th & H Street) for the same price. The Argonaut seems to be hit or miss (last time they forgot the suace on my sandwich). I have friends who love it, and others who refuse to eat there. The Red & the Black isn't authentic (I've got lots of family from LA), but the food is ok. Palace of Wonders is what it is. During the day you should try Sidamao's (a coffee shop with sanawiches, soups and salads -all homemade). We've also got some carryouts (some of which, like Horace & Dickie's, I've tried, some I haven't). A new carryout, that I haven't tried (13th & H) is E&R Catering. No imput on the place. We should see some new spots open up soon.