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Nov 28, 2006 05:55 PM

Excellent French recipe website with videos of chefs cooking in their restaurant kitchens

Check out for recipes and videos of chefs cooking in their restaurant kitchens - in French, of course, but the videos are reasonably self-explanatory for the nonspeaker.

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  1. Merci bien. I love it. Even the ones that have just photos and no video. I especially like the Assiette Wellington, which appears to be some kind of French interpretation of what British people liked to eat in the 19th century (except for some anachronistic kiwi-fruit). The recipes all seem very workable. Nice that they also teach you how to plate, and recommend a wine with every one.

    P.S. Love the "trucs et astuces du chef".

    1. Ah, c'est fantastique! Loads of fun stuff to try out. And an opportunity to brush up on/learn french food words. Thanks for that link.