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Nov 28, 2006 05:26 PM

Fun Birthday dinner for 12 year olds?

Tuesday Night (12/5) for a handfull of 12 year old Girls. Looking for something fun or with a bit of a show/magic etc. In my mind, I'm thinking something retro like Ed Debevics but I'm open to anything as long as it's in the general L.A. area as in west of Downtown, South of the Valley and, let's say north of Hawthorne.



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  1. Well, Ed Debevic's is long gone. You could look at C & O in Venice or Kay and Dave's in Santa Monica. They might like to eat somewhere at Farmer's Market or the Grove so they could walk around the Grove after, like Maggiano's.
    I can't think of anywhere with kitschy waiters and such at the moment,though.

    1. Teppanyaki restaurants are always fun for this age group.

      1. Take them to mandaloun or Moun of Tunis for a Tunisian feast and bellydancers. Lost of fun finger foods, eating by lounging on couches...a good unique time! I've seen parties of tween girls when I've ben there, and all were having a blast.

        You could also take them to the Disney Soda Fountain and let them stuff themselves silly with ice cream.

        1. Well, maybe a bit out of your geographic range, but maybe consider BAHOOKA in Rosemead (about 8 miles east of downtown).

          Ed Debevic's + Polynesian kitsch = Bahooka.

          1. Last time my 11 year old daughter was with a group of girls from school, they went to Gyu Kaku, and loved it, including those new to it.

            Otherwise, maybe something like Lucky Strikes, for bowling with their food.