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Nov 28, 2006 05:25 PM

Rosle can opener--only works on *some* cans

A thing of beauty when it works, "unzips" the top of can leaving NO sharp edges. But it just doesn't work on some cans--I have to open with a regular opener after a go-round with the Rosle. Are cans being made differently? Anyone else notice this?

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  1. I use a Henckels openter, but my spouse uses an Oxo, and one seems easier for me...sometimes....depends on the can.

    1. I wouldn't trade my Oxo for any other, works every time.

      1. I have had absolutely no problem with the Rosle on ANY can...I'm wondering whether yours might be somewhat defective...can you exchange it for another and give it a try?

        1. I have the Kuhn Rikon version and it does not work on some cans so I keep my old Swingaway on hand.