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Nov 28, 2006 05:15 PM

Pink Flamingo

Hi folks...

Years and years ago (late 70's-early 80's) I was taken by a local friend to a restaurant in NO called The Pink Flamingo. Does anyone know if this place still exists?

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  1. If it's Flamingos on St. Charles that you remember, it is long gone. Quite the spot in its time. Used to go to brunch in the late 70's. 1st in New Orleans to popularize quiche, I believe. Wacky flamingo decor and colorful clientele. Used to see that pink Flamingos disco van cruisin the streets from time to time.

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      That sounds like the place-decor was flamingo paintings, sculpture, etc. I remember having a decent, unusual-for-the-time meal, but mostly remember the colorful clientele. Thanks.

    2. Quite possibly the restaurant I miss the most in NO. I would often go for Sunday brunch and have Bloody Marys and the "Quiche of the Day" which was usually crabmeat quiche. I can remember seeing the "Miss Piggy" served, waffles with three ice creams and whipped cream, etc....and never having the guts to order it. Probably THE MOST FUN to have on a Sunday. I dearly miss it, the food, the owners, the waiters, the clientelle, etc......