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Nov 28, 2006 05:01 PM

Specialty meat market?

Anybody knows where I can buy sweetbreads, calf's lungs, calf's brains? I've had these in several restaurants in this area...I'm sure, there are meat suppliers who sell these types of meats. Thanks.

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  1. The H Mart (i go to the one at Gallows and 29) has the widest selection of unusual animal organs/parts that I've seen in any store. Though I think they're typically pig parts. Might be worth calling.

    1. The large market building in the Florida Avenue Market (roughly 6th and Florida, NE) has a very wide variety of vendors who have unusual meats and cuts. Many immigrants shop there for goat, halal meats, offal, etc. not commonly available in supermarkets. It's also a good place to purchase in large quantity.
      Try some of the vendors in the wholesale market itself. Many will sell retail. There are Asian, Hispanic and other products.

      A good butcher shop may be willing to special order them for you although it is increasingly hard to find such shops.

      1. I wonder if you could get it, or at least order it, from the Springfield Butcher. Here's an article about meat markets in the DC area w/ an address and phone number for the Springfield Butcher:

        If you're willing to travel, there's a good chance that Ayrshire Farm would have some, too.

        1. I know that i saw that wegman's in maryland have sweetbreads, not sure that the ones in virginia do.

          1. Thanks everyone for the tips. I appreciated it.