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Kosher in West Palm Beach?

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Supermarket and/or restaurant recommendations? Or will I be travelling to Boca? Tia!

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    1. For lunch try the Park Café at the JCC in West Palm.
      The salads and sandwiches were fresh and the french fries were great. But call first. They close early (like everything in Florida).
      3151 N. Military Trail (561)689-7700.

      For dinner drive to Boca.

        1. Glick's market in Delray Beach, prepared foods and packaged items. Also check out http://www.floridajewish.com. Not that easy to navigate, but click on Florida Living, then community directory, and you will find listings of restaurants, markets, etc.

          1. Thank you; I was looking for Orthodox supervised establishments, and that doesn't appear to be the case for that one.

            1. Eilat Cafe in Boca Raton

              1. isn't there an Israeli place in Green Acres - on Jog Road?

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                  Yes there is a kosher place on Jog that is also attached to a small israeli market....the owners are very nice people....HOWEVER....the wait staff in the restaurant is very Israeli in that waiting tables is not their first concern, but socializing with each other is....there can be 2 tables occupied and the waitresses cannot seem to find the time to even come back between taking the order and bringing the bill, that is IF you can even get them to do that and it can take easily 20 minutes just to get them to respond to anything...i have seen a young man who works behind the prep counter/refrigerated display case take an entire tray of food on the floor until he moves things around to find space in the refrigerator....not my speed sorry

                2. Yes, there is, although I didn't make it there. I did find a tasty koshersupermarket in Boca though, Kosher Marketplace, that had great prepared food and sandwiches (I didn't taste it all!)

                  1. also Glicks Kosher Market in Delray Beach.

                    all the Publix's have a kosher dry goods section and kosher cheeses salamis etc and Albertsons in a few locations have big kosher sections included takeout with Moshgichim (spelling?) on premises.

                    look at Jewish South Florida . com and the Boca Raton Synagogue's webiste has a list of all kosher restaurants/bakeries etc in the area

                    1. Thanks! Glicks is not under Orthodox supervision though, for those interested.

                      1. Kosher Marketplace in Boca is excellent and is under the supervision of the ORB. It is at 22191 Powerline Road (corner Powerline and Palmetto) Boca Raton, FL 33433. I believe that a new Kosher restaurant in West Palm Beach has opened up. It's called David's East Side Deli and is at 4580 PGA Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
                        phone: (561) 691-9293 www.davidseastsidedeli.com.

                        Take a look at www.shamash.org for more restaurants/shops in the area.

                        1. there is also Glicks Kosher Market on Atlantic Ave in Delray - half a block west of Jog. Also Star Bakery on Atlantic in the plaza next to the Carnival Flea Market between Jog and Military.

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                            Glick's is not under Orthodox supervision fyi.

                          2. I ahave been in Delray and though I don't know the exact locations, the Alberstons we went to has an orthodox supervised meat counter, as well as take away sushi! It was great, the mashgiach there did warn us not to buy prepared foods/meat from Glicks'. This was after we had already purchased a bunch of things for shabbat from there. We went to them and explained, they were nice and understood, gave us store credit and sent us to their Boca location which is under orthodox supervision. this was about 3 years ago.