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Nov 28, 2006 04:55 PM

A board for bread?

Bread baking has elicited a lot of blogs. Some of it, like the Bittman-Lahey loaf, is spread out among many different boards. Is it perhaps time to think about starting a board for bread baking?

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  1. Discussion of bread baking should be focused on the Home Cooking board, as with all other home cooking discussion. If you come across posts about the Bittman-Lahey recipe on other boards, please flag them and we'll move them to the correct board if possible.

    1. But I was wondering how much trouble it would be to set up a temporary board for 90 days, say. There are at least 6 to 8 threads running right now about the Bittman-Lahey recipe. It might be helpful if they were all together under one umbrella.

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        What's wrong with "Home Cooking"? It's cooking. It's at home. It's not called "Home Entree-Cooking" or "Home Saladmaking". Recent home bread-baking posts on other boards probably don't belong there, unless maybe someone's talking specifically about equipment, which also has a board.

        I do think more categorization would be great, but not by dividing things into some hair-splitting taxonomy that forces everyone to click on 7,863,172 separate boards. Better would be (yep) something akin to passive tagging, where a "breadmaking" post would also magically appear in the larger "baking" bucket and the even larger "home cooking" bucket. Readers could then browse the site as finely or as coarsely as they want.