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Nov 28, 2006 04:40 PM

La Esquina - New number?

Does anyone know the number for la esquina? i tried calling the 1-877 number as well as the 646, but both are disconnected.

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  1. Please disregard. The number is the same.

    1. Which La Esquina are you taking about? There's the taqueria, the cafe, and then there's the speakeasy restuarant. The phone number to the first two is public. The number to the speakeasy restaurant isn't. Only a few know it, like myself.

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      1. re: mirajpatel

        Pretty sure anyone who wants the speakeasy phone number can find it on the internet, or call the cafe/taqueria and get it

        1. re: mirajpatel

          only a few people read the nytimes, or have access to the internet