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Nov 28, 2006 04:12 PM

Looking for a great sandwich in Northern Virginia

Having spent most of my life in the New York/New Jersey area I was always within a few miles of a great deli that made fantastic sandwiches. You know, the ones with 3" of meat stuffed between a few huge slices of bread. In there anything like that in the Northern Virginia area or do have to drive over to the District???

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  1. never had their sandwiches, but my favorite deli in the area for subs is The Deli in Herndon (Kmart shopping center). It's legendary if you grew up in these parts. Have to think their sandwiches are of the same high quality.

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      Big second on The Deli. There's a cousin store, A Deli, in Worldgate, but I find it pales. The specialty sandwiches are double meat unless requested otherwise. The Hot Sicilian is pretty incredible, imo.

      You should also check out Chutzpah. There's a location near Ffx corner, by the Safeway at Rt50 and West Ox, but I think they opened a second place, maybe in Arlington even.

      Lastly, a different breed of sandwiches, mainly warm ones, is Jimmy's in Herndon. The beef on weck is incredible. I haven't had the cheesesteak yet, but they use Amarosa (sp?) rolls.

      1. re: Dennis S

        I tried Chutzpah for breakfast on the recommendation of many on this board. I thought it was really good--a big hearty breakfast that's not IHOP. I can't wait to try it for lunch. I hope the sandwiches are just as good. I've been out of the NE/NY area for a long time and have missed a place like this!

        1. re: Dennis S

          Second location is in Tysons.
          Off 7 across from Tysons Corner mall next to Morton's.
          Mahlvelous (trying a Billy Crystal immitation)

      2. -The Italian Store in the Lyon Village Shopping Center in Arlington
        -The Italian Gourmet in Vienna
        -Earl's Sandwiches in the Court House area of Arlington
        -Main Street Deli in the City of Fairfax (they use Boar's Head meat and cheeses)
        -The Lost Dog Cafe in the Westover Shopping Center in Arlington for a huge selection of unique sandwiches