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Nov 28, 2006 04:01 PM

Kebabs on Coney Island Avenue

While driving down Coney Island Ave a few weeks ago, I spotted several potentially interesting looking kebab places. Not sure if they were Turkish or Afghan -- and they were both well south of Bahar, a tried and true place near Foster Ave -- but one had a lit up glass faux schwarma atop the front doors awning (!) and the other had giant photos of chicken and various roast meats next to the sign with the restaurant's name. Any tips on what these places might be/if they're any good?

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  1. Taci's Beyti perhaps? I've been meaning to try it since Bob M recommended it and posted this link:


    1955 Coney Island Ave. (Avenue P), Midwood, Brooklyn; (718) 627-5750.

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      No, I think the op was referring to places not as far down CIA as Taci, etc. There seem to be some garish large places sprouting up between Newkirk Ave and Ave J that I'm not sure about either. Sarmish might be the name of one and the other is just about to open across CIA closer to J.

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        there's one with pictures and multi-languages (including arabic or urdu script) on a corner, same side of street as Sarmish, which might be one of the ones he saw. I think somebody has posted on it before.

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          SARMISH is the Russian niteclub near Avenue H...they have skewers.

          TACI, SAHARA (if you must) - farther down CIA have Turkish kebabs.

          MADINA, SHANDAR, BUKHARA, BUKHARI, PAKIZA, PUNJAB, NAWAB, etc. - Pakistani cuisine concentrated between Beverley Road and Avenue H - also have KABABS, except they are the phallic-looking ground chicken (or lamb) herbed and spiced objects found "off-the-skewer" and cooked through in a tandoor. The only genuinely garish space is the "Sweets" shop which replaced the Bukhara near Bukhari...anyone with an aversion/sensitivity to fluorescent electromagnetic fields is cautioned to steer clear!

          BAHAR - Afghan.

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            A little off topic but what do you guys know about Kashkar? Mike R? A group of us are thinking about going there on 12/18 and I figure you may know of it (or even want to join: if so, my e-mail is martinowitz@aol.com). Thanks.

          2. Uncharted territory...what's the motif and where on CIA?

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              Turns out I was slightly "location challenged". It's in Brighton Beach. (B.B.Ave). I updated a thread on it for the boards if you're interested. We have a pretty lively group going.