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dunkin and donuts coffee

just interested to see what you guys think of dandd coffee. if i had my druthers id go to a smaller local, or even a starbux based on pure flavor, but at my hours, DandD is the only game in town, as it were. i like it OK. I hear a lot about their coffee, its greatness, how its gotten better/worse, etc. i like it OK. it def does NOT have that burnt taste that SBux gets. i personally like that. i feel like DandD is a good, basic coffee done proper. that make any sense?

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  1. I agree. I've always thought Dunkin Donuts coffee was good. Nice, even flavor, full-bodied and rich enough without being burnt-tasting.

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      do you find it any more caffeinated than comparable brews? ive heard also that its as much as, or more, caffeinated than sbux. i guzzle it with no ill-effects. dont think so anyway....

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        I don't, and I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine - makes me have to visit the loo every five minutes if it's too much. I don't notice any difference between it and strongly brewed starbucks, which is what I normally drink.

    2. I'm from Massachusetts, land of the Dunkin Donuts on every corner (or so it seems). When I want my coffee with cream and sugar (or regular, as one can blissfully order there), DD is fine. The coffee is mild, the caffeine kick is real, and it's a gentle, milky way to begin the day.

      When I want to "taste" coffee, or want an espresso-based drink, DD doesn't do it. I'll do Starbucks, Peet's, some local barista, or make my own.

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        think youve summed it up pretty well.

      2. For those of us who call it "Charbucks" and lament the days when you could find interesting whole beans in medium roast, Dunkin Donuts coffee does the trick. .

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          That is so interesting. I have heard so many people talk about how Starbuck's coffee tastes burnt, but my husband and I don't think so and love their French Roast. We have a local roastery here - Port City Java - and they're emulating the Starbucks chains - there's literally one on almost every corner downtown. But we hate their coffee. We find it too bright and acidic. But we still think that Starbucks is a nice rich, full-bodied flavor and for some reason (maybe just crummy palates) don't pick up on any burnt taste.

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            i agree that sbux charred taste is wonderful. i love it, too. in fact, even here in brooklyn, ny, where people are pretty anti-chain, pro-local, etc., one local slightly larger cafe's brew totally copies the heavily roasted flavor of sbux. i mean, these are burnt beans, straight on. delicious, tho.

        2. No one should mess with a persons coffee.Only the consumer knows how much cream they like.I almost started a riot when I found out they do this stuff @ dd. SB all the way ! you can buy bottled fraps at mobile or beans. It won't tast the same because they triple filter the water at SB.

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            You get used to it, growing up with DD as I did.

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              I agree. When Starbucks first starting springing up around the Boston area, it was like "You want me to fix my own coffee? And you're going to charge me more for the lack of service?"

              Now, though, it's Dunkins for coffee and Starbucks for espresso.

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                Although a couple years ago, the Herald's lifestyle section had an interesting article: despite DD's blue-collar public image, their coffee is actually MORE expensive, ounce for ounce, than Starbucks!

                I've never understood the argument that Starbucks coffee is wicked expensive: my regular order, a venti light roast, is under two bucks for 20 ounces of coffee. That spells bargain.

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                  Well, Starbucks equates with $4 fancy flavoured espresso drinks and $4 frozen desserts masquerading as coffee in many people's minds.

          2. A friend recently gave me a pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee and I honestly wasn't impressed. It wasn't bad, but I certainly thought Peets and even Starbucks, is a better choice. It wasn't strong enough for me or my husband and he tends to like it on the weaker side. Granted, it was no Folgers but I just didn't see what all the hoopla is about.

            1. I sure miss a good cup of D&D coffee. None out here in California. Everytime I go back to the East coast I make it a point to stop and get a cup and buy 2 pounds of whole beans to bring back with me.

              Starbucks does taste burnt to me, its too bitter, too expensive and too world dominating....

              The convinience of Dunkin Donuts is they put the cream and sugar in there for you. Just they way you like it. You just tell them how you like it, and they make it. You just have to know how to order it. Just like any other food establishment, there are unwritten rules to ordering, you just have to learn what they are.

              D&D Coffee is alway fresh and tasty.... the company strives for consistency, and they do it.

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                You know you can order the beans online, right? And the shipping isn't ruinous.

                Stay tuned... DD is owned by the same group who own Togo's and Baskin Robbins. They're planning to experiment with "all-day" shops in California, which would have a DD, a Togo's and a BR all under one roof, staffed by the same people.

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                  yeah you can buy it online, but whats the fun in that... :-)

                  I go back east pretty often so picking up a bag or two is anice treat.

                  I have heard that they were looking to expand back towards the west, they did it a long time ago and they pulled back. But i think they are going to try to expand nation wide. That would be great.

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                    They have these already in Chicago. I don't care much for the other two options but I like DD and can see the sense in doing a store that way.

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                    Can you elaborate on the unwritten rules; I like Dunkin Donuts coffee but they add too much cream & sugar for my taste. When I ask them to go light on the cream & sugar, they never seem to get it right.

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                      sorry i may have stated that incorrectly, there are not specific unwritten rules like the way some places have the secret menues. It's the way you order your coffee based on your experience with the coffee place you usually get it from. They will make it exactly how you want it.
                      As its been a while since i have been able to frequent D&D i am sure things have changed, so the quality of the mixing mught notbe as good. No offense to anyone that works there now.

                      You just have to tell them exactly how you like it sorry if i was misleading. They will use, cream, milk, half and half, or non-dairy, but you have to tell them which one. if you want to control the sugar more closely you can just ask for packets of sugar and pour it yourself.

                      But I have never had a problem, I usually get, medium coffee, light cream 1 sugar.

                      Sometimes I will get a medium French vanilla, light half and half, no sugar and get a sugar packet, and pour a little less then half into it.

                  3. Way back when (pre SBUX), I used to buy and ground DD Hazelnut coffee. But then I switched to SBUX as I preferred the [burnt] taste.


                    1. Yes, I guess what you like comes down to the burnt taste and the coffee prep. I love DD because I hate coffee to taste burnt. And I love that DD makes your coffee to order. Maybe I'm lazy, but I love that when the person behind the DD counter hands me my hazelnut with skim and 1 Equal, I can walk straight out the door and start sipping. Vs. hovering over the dirty prep table with the sugar packets and half-empty milk carafes at Starbucks, looking for a clean place to put my dripping coffee lid and working around other people while I try to fix my cup. (No insult intended to Starbucks--they keep a clean joint and I will always use their bathroom, but there's no way to keep that prep table clean all of the time.)

                      1. I like DD coffee, BUT -

                        I drink iced coffee on almost a daily basis, even in winter. In the summer they must make batches of strong coffee, thats suited to being watered down slightly by the ice. In winter, they probably just use left-over regular strength coffee, that as soon as you add ice, tastes just like water. So in winter it has no flavor. I've tried several locations at different times of day, and it's retty consistant. So in summer it's DD, winter it's Starbucks.