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Nov 28, 2006 03:55 PM


Will any standard kosher bakery carry them? Any specific place you care to share?

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  1. I believe that Zomick's (Five Towns, NY) carries them.

    1. I'm sure that every Kosher bakery carries sufganiyot around Chanukah time. They are also fun to make fresh.

      1. Try
        B&B Bakery Bagels & Bakeries (Under the Queens Vaad)
        2845 Jerusalem Ave. - N.Bellmore, NY
        (516) 785-6900

        They are owned by an Israeli baker so their sufganiyot would be more likely to be "authentic."

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        1. re: jeterfan

          Why would an Israeli version be more authentic? Ponchkes are native to Polish and Russian Jews; they're no more Israeli than are "levivot".

        2. The QUeens Pita bakery people make excellent sufganiyot and wholesale them to many stores in manhattan and Queens. There is also a place in Far Rockaway and anotehr in Boro Park that produce enormous numbers for otehr bakeries. Most bakeries don't make their own because it requres a big deep fry that they cannot do much else with.

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          1. re: EvanM

            I have never eaten the Queens Pita Bakery's sufganyot, but I can tell you that their baked goods in general, are very good.

          2. I work right near Chiffons Bakery, on coney Island Ave, between J and K, and every year I wait for their yummy Jelly Doughtnuts. They're so good, and just a warning: Wear a bib! They have a lot of jelly in them!