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Nov 28, 2006 03:52 PM

Cuisinart slow cooker? or another model?

I'm looking for a slow cooker, on the larger side (big enough for roasts), that first and foremost functions at a high level and secondly is somewhat attractive and able to go from cooking to the table. Does the Cuisinart fit the bill? If not, any suggestions?

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  1. We have the All-Clad and we really like it. It's also great for doing mulled wine or cider for large parties, or for keeping items warm on a buffet (grits or oatmeal on a breakfast buffet, for example). We've had it about 6 mos. and no complaints so far.

    1. I wouldn't fret the details. It's a slow cooker - they are all about the same... low and slow. The only thing you're going to pay more for is a fancy brand name (see: All-Clad) or a unit with lots of fancy, sleek buttons and lights. Try not to be dazzled ;-) I'd say go for a regular old Rival crock pot assuming they make a size large enough for you.

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        I love my 6 qt Rival. She does all she needs to, and is quite pretty. I think I paid $50 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

      2. between the ordinary 6 qt rival, and the "smart" model, what do people think? what extra features am I getting for the smart model?

        1. Adam, We've always made Corn beef and cabbage in the slow cooker with good results. This weekend, however, I did a "scientific test" and made the same dish in a Le Creuset 5.5 qt pot. First I brought the water in the pot to a full boil, then I added the corn beef and onion and placed(lid on) in a 275 degree oven for 5 hours. (Late in the cooking I added carrots, celery, potatoes and finally cabbage at the very end.)
          The result: No contest. The oven method had much better texture and flavor. (Really an amazing difference in texture.) I'll never go back to the crock pot approach again.

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            Thanks. I love my Le Creuset and wouldn't trade it for anything. My girlfriend is interested in the slow cooker, and while part of me wants to talk her out of it, part of me realizes that it would be nice to be able to start something in the morning, go to work, come back home and have a roast/stew/etc ready. Although the slow cooker may lose out to other gifts in the end. The input is much appreciated.

          2. Check out Fagor, a Spanish company. I've ben happy wih mine and it costs about the same as the Rival.