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Nov 28, 2006 03:25 PM

Anybody been to Gordon Ramsay in New York Yet?

Anybody been to Gordon Ramsay in New York Yet? If so, how is it?

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  1. A Hound has been to Ramsay's London Bar area:

    1. I just had a meal at the London Bar, and it was amazing! It's a very pleasant, if some what sterile, space, with a definite retro-60's feel to the design, but the staff is extremely helpful and pleasant (and knowledgeable. The headwaiter answered all our questions about the dishes without any condescension). The food was fantastic. We ate a la carte, and I can heartily recommend the pork belly, the divers scallops, lamb shoulder, risotto with wood mushrooms, the carpaccio of tuna, and the chocolate fondant dessert. My one critique would be a few of the dishes were a touch salt heavy, but that didn't distract from the brilliance of the preparation of most of the food. I was completely satisfied by my meal, and would definitely go back for more. Ramsay is a remarkable chef, and his ideas about food were obvious in the dishes. I was basking in the glow of the food days after. Ramsay is no mad scientist like Willy Dufresne, but someone who serves perfect versions of whatever foodstuffs he chooses. It's an older attitude towards the culinary arts, and one I believe in wholeheartedly.

      1. I had lunch at GR in December. Overall, it was disappointing. Mains just didn't come together well. I wouldn't go back with all the great restaurants in NY. Desserts, however, were quite good -- one was the apricot souffle.

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          I ate there about a month a go in the restaurant and found the food and sevice out of this world, it wasnt a meal it was an entire experience.

        2. Out of this world! We had the $90 set menu for lunch and the meal was absolutely amazing! I had the tuna, pork 3 ways and chocolate/ginger desert (and of course the bon bon trolley). The room and service were just as great as the food.

          1. I was blown away by my February experience at Gordon Ramsay NY. The highlight of the tasting, for me, was the marinated beetroot with ricotta and pine nut dressing ... simple, but just perfect. Beets and Ricotta is such a fantastic combination. The fromager comes from Gary Danko in San Fran and his passion and knowledge really made the final course special. He spent 15-20 minutes going through the cheeses with us in the most humble but informative way possible. I went with 2 other people ... between the 3 of us, we split over 15 cheeses. Really a wonderful experience.