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Nov 28, 2006 02:53 PM

Keralan Indian Restaurants in NJ

Recently a U.K. reader of my blog mentioned having heard that there are good Keralan restaurants in New Jersey. Keralan food is one of the great cuisines of India, especially for seafood. Does anybody know of non-veg Keralan restaurants in NJ. I'd assume they would be in Iselin or Edison, but who knows.

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  1. If anyone would know, it would be Brian Yarvin. Hope he reads this and responds.

    1. Hmmmm...

      Desi girl here! I love Kerala food too! Yummy fish curry in coconut sauce! Or avial...

      There used to be a pretty good Keralite restaurant on Route 27 in Franklin Park, NJ called Cochin Cove. I dont know if it changed owners but that had pretty good stuff.

      Kalluri Corner in Princeton NJ is pretty alright. The chefs are Tamilian(my husband speaks that language) and its the closest to Kerala. Food was good.

      Ganges in Princeton Junction is run by Andhra family and they do pretty good South Indian non-vegetarian..however more of a spicy andhra style compared to cooler Kerala style.

      Malabar House on Stelton Road does Kerala food...dont know if they do non-veg though.

      You might want to try Philadelphia..many more Keralites live in Philly area than in New Jersey which is more populated with Indians from Gujarat so more Gujarati or Mughal places. Even a Malayalee/Kerala church dinner (might have to give a donation) but the food will be homemade might be a good option. Might be delicious...good let me know if you find a good place! I am craving some seafood!

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        Wow, thanks for all that info.

        Is Kalluri Corner Chettinad-style Tamil?

        The Andhra restaurant sounds interesting too.

        I'll post a query on the Philly board. I didn't know about the Keralite community there.

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          I apologize for going offtopic. Desidivazz, would you happen to have any favorite dishes at any of the restaurants around the Oak Tree Road area of Iselin?

          (sorry again, I couldn't find any way to send Desidivazz a personal message)

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            No need to apologize, you are not off topic. Your question for Desidivazz is exactly what this board is for, and by posing it here, instead of privately, you will benefit other Chowhounds who are reading along.

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              I agree, with the footnote that a separate Iselin Indian thread might be fruitful and encourage more focused discussion (I haven't checked whether there are any yet).

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              Hey no problem

              My latest favorite happens to be in Ming's Restaurant on Oaktree Road in Iselin. I am a fan of the Indo-Chinese food popularized in India nowadays. Hakka Chicken and noodles and spring rolls. It tastes like the best fusion I have had since I ate French-Chinese at Susannah Foos in Philadelphia.

              Second I like Bombay Talk, located in Mahatma Gandhi Plaza(I kid you not, thats the name of the plaza). This place is pure veggie and has some wonderful chaat and Bombay street foods done hygenically (no delhi belly haha) since I cant eat them in India as I will get sick eating street food. My favorite dish there is the Bombay Sandwich, sort of a Indianized version of a toasted club sandwich with tamarind chutney sauce, cucumbers and Amul Indian cheese. Its real good. I also like there Chole Bathura, a big fluffy poori bread with chick-pea curry sprinkled with chopped red onion, accompained by a mango lassi. yum

              Otherwise mostly been disappointed nowadays with what Iselin been offering. For some odd reason Indian restaurants lose their consistency within months starting out pretty wonderful and then becoming sub-par. Anyways hopes this helps a bit!

          2. Hey guys

            No arent deviating at all! I love to answer stuff I might know..just like I like to ask alot of questions too.

            Peter: Kalluri Corner is South Indian food (with a few northie dishes thrown in) so it covers all four states of South India. But when husband and I went 2 years ago, the chef came out and spoke to diners and when he came around to our table we learned he was from I ordered all the Chettinad Tamil style dishes with plain rice and the Non-veg Thali as well. They tasted pretty authentic because I think he has "home-based" experience too!

            The Ganges Andhra restaurant has north Indian dishes too. I figure Indian food in the US hasnt progressed as it has in Great Britain (which in my opinion has the best Indian restaurants in the world!) so when even a South Indian family opens a Indian restaurant here, they include the standard mughal dishes(chicken tikka masala, Spinach Paneer etc) most Americans are familiar with. First time I went to Ganges I found it better than the second time..hope they keep that bar up.

            I found a link for a Malayalee Church in Philly. The photo gallery shows them chowing down on yummy food..sigh. WIsh my family made non-vegetarian Indian food like they do

            1. I'm sure Edison has Kerala food. I recently tried this place for a small catering order in Montclair NJ.
              Aroma Palace
              379 Bloomfield Ave
              Montclair, NJ 07042
              (973) 744-0377
              Beef Ularthiyathu was awesome. Kappa and mean curry was tasty as well. I dint fancy Chicken 65 but some of my friends loved it.
              they have a fairly large catering menu with typical Christian kerala style cooking say appam and mutton Stew, Beef fry, Beef Ularthiyathu, Fish Molee.. and so on..
              Biriyani was not really tyipical Kozhikode/thallassery/Kasargode/Malappuram style as one would expect but no complains - tasted more like Mangalorean/Konkani/Goan.
              Party trays range from Quarter to Full; all worth the cash.
              meat dishes range from $35(Quarter) to $100-120(Full tray)
              Restaurant menu has all the items listed to look like a north indian restaurant on a On a regular work day u'll find the buffet to be more of north Indian but a few - give or take a couple of south Indian dishes. On the other hand Weekends - on Saturdays More Kerala dishes and a few North Indian and on Sundays Its pretty much a full kerala buffet.
              If u r malayalee , really fond of Kerala food, tired of cooking and yet unable to find a place close to you or anywhere in Jersey I'm sure this information would be the gateway to heaven :) Goodluck!!

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              1. re: aanto004

                Thanks for this recommendation. We tried Aroma Palace on Saturday night and it was very very good. There was hardly anybody else there, so I hope they are getting enough business. Maybe the lunch buffets are more popular.

                I wanted to try some Keralan food so I got the kingfish curry. This came in a delicate and fairly light tomato base. I didn't expect that and at first, I was disappointed because I didn't think I'd be in the mood for anything tomato-y, but as it turned out, I enjoyed it a lot. It had a nice complexity.

                I tried to encourage my dining companions to order other Keralan dishes but they were more in the mood for rogan josh and shrimp vindaloo. Fortunately those were also very well-executed, flavorful, delicate, and not too heavy. We asked for spicy and fortunately the chefs didn't disappoint us. The spice was strong but did not overwhelm the flavors. (Some chiliheads would probably be disappointed but I think this was just right.) We also got onion kulcha (bread) which came at the same time as the entrees, and was quite good.

                We also got the "non-veg appetizer platter" which, as you might think, was very meat-heavy. Meat, meat, and more meat. It was good, though some things were much better than others. Next time I'm going with the veg.

                I'm very curious to check out the Sunday buffet based on Anand's description above.

                I didn't see Chicken 65 on the menu. Maybe that's just on the catering menu and not on the regular menu. The Keralan specialties were kind of hidden at the end of the regular menu.