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Nov 28, 2006 02:30 PM

Egg Nog (served, not purchased in the stores)

I know there's another thread for egg nog from the store; I could go the store-bought route, but I tried that last year and was disappointed.

My pursuit of egg nog in NYC has been difficult, although it led me to the Pegu Club, which I now enjoy from time to time.

Does anyone know of a place in Manhattan or Brooklyn that serves good egg nog during the holidays? I don't want it reinvented, changed up, or costing me $12 because of where I get it. Just a classic cup o' nog.

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  1. The Waterfront Alehouse on Atlantic--Sam's Serious Egg Nog. We buy a few bottles every year. It's more expensive than the carton you'd get a the supermarket, but I don't think it's $12. Whatever it costs, it's worth it. Flavorful and POTENT.

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    1. re: kismet

      Kismet, can you order this also by the glass at the WAH?

      1. re: Cheese Boy

        Yes, we just had glasses of Sam's Serious Egg Nog at WAH on Atlantic Ave. and it is both serious and delicious. Good thing I didn't know that they sold it by the bottle.

    2. I just watched a "Good Eats" episode on making eggnog at home and it's almost ridiculously easy, especially if you don't have issues with raw eggs. Even if you do, the pasturized version is pretty simple too. Go to the Food Network website and look under Alton Brown.

      1. There is a great recipe on called Baltimore Eggnog. Very potent but delish

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          Cheese Boy--Yes, I'm pretty sure you can order a glass at the bar/restaurant. Enjoy.

        2. SWEET!

          I'm in Park Slope, so that's a short ride over there. I'll check it out this weekend!

          1. sam's serious egg nog is incredible! it's expensive to buy a bottle - $22 - but that's because it's loaded with booze. five different kinds, actually - three kinds of rum plus jim beam and courvoisier. it's so good. i found the recipe online easily.

            quite sure they serve it in the restaurant by the glass, along with other seasonal drinks.

            i'd love to hear about any other egg nog contenders in the city!

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              Hello all! I have been enjoying Sam's Serious Egg Nog for years (at the Waterfront in the city). I searched for the recipe online, but the closest I've come was this discussion. Raybird, would you be so kind and include the link or website where you found the recipe?


              1. re: CatBlue

                yeah, isn't it the best? interestingly, i just googled it to give you the link and now i can't find it either! i have it in my email somewhere, though. maybe you can provide your email somehow (don't know how this works) and i can forward to you?

                i have a bottle of the ronny at home and i find it to be not my favorite - it's got the thick & yellow thing going big time. i love sam's for its pale white color, thin consistency (bc of the booze), and its abundant flecks of fresh nutmeg.... yum!