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Nov 28, 2006 02:14 PM

allclad versus demeyere skillets

I am working temporarily at Williams and Sonoma with a great discount. I am wanting a fully clad skillet. I do not own any allclad but with this discount I am tempted. I am tired of the burnt edge on disc skillets. I am debating between the all stainless versus the LTD. Is the LTD external finish as durable as the stainless? I really want the demeyere proline. I am not sure I can justify the demeyere with the great allclad discount at w/s. Help!

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  1. It looks to me like the LTD is a cheaper alternative to the stainless? Either way, the finish looks cheap to me, but that's just personal. It has an anodized aluminum exterior and it WILL scratch and stain much more visibly than stainless. If you're looking for timelessness and good quality, go with the AllClad regular stainless. It's the last cookware you'll ever have to buy. Skip the Demeyere.

    1. The anodized aluminum on the LTD is actually stronger than stainless, but will show wear more evidently (most "scratches" can be buffed out with bartender's friend). I like the stinless more, but if the darker color is what yiou are into I think the LTD pans are a great choice, esp. with the discount.

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        Not sure why but when ATK tested cleaning solutions they said not to use Bar Keepers Friend on hard anodized aluminum and to use another product called Cameo instead.

      2. Actually the LTD is more expensive and slightly heavier. Unfortunately Allclad will not provide the thickness of their products. I know the demeyere is 4.8mm.

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          That's too bad. Maybe they're going for a trendy look? I will say that it's not advisable to put anodized in the dishwasher; it will most certainly degrade the finish. With stainless you're just fine in that regard. There's no question in my opinion. There is no argument that stainless is easier on the wallet and is more versatile.

        2. Do you carry the Cooking line; Sitram Cybernox? If yes, you ought to give it a try. The fry pans are high quality aluminum and the cooking surface is quite durable...a great alternative to the teflon coated non-stick fry pans.

          1. Have you used a stainless-steel-interior frying pan before? I had an All-Clad and tossed it. The sides got small brown spots that baked on and were impossible to get off except with sandpaper. A restaurant chef told the N.Y. Times he doesn't use stainless steel frying pans for that reason. I now use Le Creuset and restaurant type carbon steel.

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              yes, I thought with the claded(sp) pans one would avoid burnt sides. I assumed burnt sides resulted from the pan being just stainless steel without aluminum on the sides.

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                If little brown stains upset you sooo much and they are the reason you throw away perfectly good pans, let me know next time - I'll take it.

                DVL - if it's All-Clad, it has aluminum all the way up the sides. The brown spots are literally stains (they will work themselves out eventually) NOT burnt spots.

                1. re: HaagenDazs

                  HaagenDazs, I read the post by mplamer6c and I was shocked. Im a pastry professional and I would never toss a skillet unless there was something physically wrong with it. Most of my stove top pieces are the All-Clad master chef line and they defiantly are scratched and discolored but it doesn't affect their performance.
                  DVL, I would pass up the LTD and stick with the polished stainless All-Clad or you might consider Sitram or Chaudlair, Bourgeat.