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allclad versus demeyere skillets

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I am working temporarily at Williams and Sonoma with a great discount. I am wanting a fully clad skillet. I do not own any allclad but with this discount I am tempted. I am tired of the burnt edge on disc skillets. I am debating between the all stainless versus the LTD. Is the LTD external finish as durable as the stainless? I really want the demeyere proline. I am not sure I can justify the demeyere with the great allclad discount at w/s. Help!

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  1. It looks to me like the LTD is a cheaper alternative to the stainless? Either way, the finish looks cheap to me, but that's just personal. It has an anodized aluminum exterior and it WILL scratch and stain much more visibly than stainless. If you're looking for timelessness and good quality, go with the AllClad regular stainless. It's the last cookware you'll ever have to buy. Skip the Demeyere.

    1. The anodized aluminum on the LTD is actually stronger than stainless, but will show wear more evidently (most "scratches" can be buffed out with bartender's friend). I like the stinless more, but if the darker color is what yiou are into I think the LTD pans are a great choice, esp. with the discount.

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        Not sure why but when ATK tested cleaning solutions they said not to use Bar Keepers Friend on hard anodized aluminum and to use another product called Cameo instead.

      2. Actually the LTD is more expensive and slightly heavier. Unfortunately Allclad will not provide the thickness of their products. I know the demeyere is 4.8mm.

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          That's too bad. Maybe they're going for a trendy look? I will say that it's not advisable to put anodized in the dishwasher; it will most certainly degrade the finish. With stainless you're just fine in that regard. There's no question in my opinion. There is no argument that stainless is easier on the wallet and is more versatile.

        2. Do you carry the Cooking line; Sitram Cybernox? If yes, you ought to give it a try. The fry pans are high quality aluminum and the cooking surface is quite durable...a great alternative to the teflon coated non-stick fry pans.

          1. Have you used a stainless-steel-interior frying pan before? I had an All-Clad and tossed it. The sides got small brown spots that baked on and were impossible to get off except with sandpaper. A restaurant chef told the N.Y. Times he doesn't use stainless steel frying pans for that reason. I now use Le Creuset and restaurant type carbon steel.

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              yes, I thought with the claded(sp) pans one would avoid burnt sides. I assumed burnt sides resulted from the pan being just stainless steel without aluminum on the sides.

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                If little brown stains upset you sooo much and they are the reason you throw away perfectly good pans, let me know next time - I'll take it.

                DVL - if it's All-Clad, it has aluminum all the way up the sides. The brown spots are literally stains (they will work themselves out eventually) NOT burnt spots.

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                  HaagenDazs, I read the post by mplamer6c and I was shocked. Im a pastry professional and I would never toss a skillet unless there was something physically wrong with it. Most of my stove top pieces are the All-Clad master chef line and they defiantly are scratched and discolored but it doesn't affect their performance.
                  DVL, I would pass up the LTD and stick with the polished stainless All-Clad or you might consider Sitram or Chaudlair, Bourgeat.

              2. I've had All-Clad stuff for four years (our best wedding present!) and it still looks new. Once every six months I might have to use some steel wool to get off some really intense food debris. Otherwise, it's very low maintenance, holds up great, and has a nice heft in the hand. In fact, just last night I made some asparagus and was thinking "damn, this pan works great."

                1. Skillets: I'd either go for anodized aluminum - great heat transfer - or cast iron - great heat retention. Depends on what and how you cook.

                  Stainless steel is the worst of both worlds, in my opinion. It doesn't season, so it doesn't build up natural non stick properties, it doesn't have the speed of aluminum, yet it doesn't hold heat well either. As far as I am concerned stainless skillets are a waste of space.

                  1. I can't shake cast iron when sauteing mushrooms. The allclad stainless steel has an aluminum core. I want a fairly light pan with no burnt edges.

                    1. i am a professional chef. the all clad i bought 15 yrs ago and recent additions- are the single BEST equipment investment i have ever made, alongside my carbon steel sabatier knives and my cuisinarts.

                      i prefer the ltd dark surface because i am not anal in my pan exteriors' appearance and the dark hides the dirt better. one of the very best thing about all clad is how EASY it is to clean , after cooking in it.

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                        Do you put yours in the dishwasher? I'm sure you've seen anodized come out of the dishwasher before - it isn't pretty! I agree about the Sabatier knives. I bought myself a big sabatier chef's knife about a year ago and I love it. I use it more than my Wusthof.

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                          dear my-fav-mass-produced-icecreaminthe world,
                          no. we threw out our dishwasher when we bought this house, so i actually have NO idea of which you speak. why would one ever put an allclad pot in a dishwasher when it just takes seconds to clean?

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                            Agreed. But you threw it out?!?! There are other things like glasses and forks and plates and spoons and tongs and storage containers and who knows how much else that can be washed in a dishwasher. They actually use less water than hand washing. Glad you like my ice cream. I'm up aaaallll day and night making it. Ha!

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                            I wish I could broadcast this via the mass media or something (but...hmmm...maybe that IS what I'm doing)because the only reason you get those white marks and discolorations when you use a dish washer to clean anodyzed metal is because of the chlorine in virtually all supermarket dish washing machine liquids. Trader Joe's sell it's house brand DW liquid containing NO chlorine. And it works absolutely great on anodyzed (and everything else)! Not to mention how virtuous we would all feel saving the environment from all that totally uneccessary evil chlorine pollution.

                        2. Has anybody tried or have all-clads copper core line?

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                            The amount of copper is miniscule.

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                              I've got 4 of the copper-core line, not sure about the diffrence the copper makes, cooks just like the MC line. Wonderfull cookware. I got a great deal on the AC from a friend who sells restaurant supplies, about 60% off retail. If you have friends in the business, ask around.


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                                Perhaps you're thinking of the Copper Chef line from All Clad, which is plated with a thin amount of copper ...? The Copper Core line has a very respectable copper core (1.6mm?), and you can feel the heft in weight as opposed to the Stainless line with an aluminum core.

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                                I have the Dutch Oven and am under whelmed. I like my LC and Staub much better, at least for what I cook.

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                                  Yeah, have to agree for dutch oven style braising and stews and such, I prefer LC and Staub as well. I make soups in my All Clad Dutch, but not too often. Usually use it to boil crabs or pop popcorn...

                              3. I know there is a significant difference in weight between the stainless and the copper core. Have you always washed them by hand. I wish they would have omitted the exposed copper band. They even have pouring edges. I am tempted, especially with my discount!

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                                  I always wash by them by hand. If I get bored I will polsih them up with BarKeepers and admire them. To be truefull, I've beat the crap out of them and they still shine up great. Just think you will never have to buy them again, one time expense. One pan = 1 night out, no brainer.


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                                    I agree - I wish they would just enclose the copper on the bottom and have say, aluminum up the sides so we can toss 'em in the dishwasher. It would certainly entice me to buy them!

                                    1. re: HaagenDazs

                                      You shouldn't put aluminum pots in the dishwasher ;)

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                                        Correct. I meant clad aluminum up the sides internally, I wasn't very specific was I! Copper clad disk on the bottom and then aluminum clad up the sides, without any fancy copper ring that has to be polished.

                                  2. it's funny that while youall are going on and on about "telling the truth about copper content" etc., all I can do is shrug and say, again, "All Clad performs tremendously for me, for the past 20 years, in both my professional AND my home kitchens. not one complaint.Even cooking and a breeze to clean. worth every penny, particularly the emeril -version bargains at Home Goods.

                                    1. When I started this post my main interest was fully cladded frypans. I really would like to have the demeyere proline which is 4.8mm of aluminum and no rivets. A 11" demeyere pan costs $180. I can get the 12" stainless all-clad for $75 or the Copper core for $120. I have a Falk culinair fry pan 2.3mm of copper which is just too heavy to try and shake when sauteing mushrooms etc. I have disc frypans( vollrath, sitram catering) which end up with burnt material on the sides of the pan. I presently do not own one piece of all-clad. I am trying to figure out which line would be best and easiest to clean. I first only considered the all stainless but now after hearing positive remarks about the copper core I am not sure.

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                                        My Demeyere Proline/Atlantis skillets are fantastic pans. Super even heating even on undersized burners. Add no rivets with welded handles that are comfortable (unlike All-Clad), what more could you ask for besides a lower price and easier availability?

                                      2. Just a suggestion from the left field, but how about a rolled iron pan? Thermal abilities are close to cast iron, but the material is thinner, so heats up quicker and is lighter. I have a rolled iron saute pan and could not be happier with it. You should be able to pick one up in a pro shop for under $30.00.

                                        Like cast iron they season and become naturally non stick after a while.

                                        1. I recently replaced my old Calphalon commercial cookware with All Clad LTD. Here were my thoughts on the deciding between the LTD and the stainless:

                                          Cleanup: Definate edge to the stainless, as it's dishwasher safe. The anodized exterior of the LTD is more difficult to clean--but not impossible.

                                          Aesthetics: This is a matter of taste. I find the LTD to be the best looking cookware on the market, and it goes particularly well with my charcoal grey Viking appliances and red color scheme.

                                          Performance: Hold the same piece of LTD and stainless side by side, and you'll notice that the interior lining of aluminum is noticably thicker on the LTD. This translates to better heat conductivity and more stable heat retention. That's not saying that the stainless is subpar, only that the LTD is slightly better.

                                          Cost: $10-40 more per piece for LTD, and it's not available at BB&B, so 20% coupons can't come into play. Although, my local store said that they'd order LTD via the website through the store and honor the coupons. I've also found some very good sales/deals on LTD at Bloomingdale's in Chicago.

                                          1. Are you still around this posting after all these years? I just read it and would like to know if you got the Demeyere and if so, how is it? I have heard they are the supreme best.

                                            1. I was expecting to see comments and reasons why to use allclad versus demeyere, but looks like only two people mentioned demeyere. If you have never used something how can you compare it to something you have used. I am leaning towards buying demeyere and I was hoping to get more info about it. I have used allclad and find it okay, but I am looking for something better.

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                                                Demeyere isn't as popular in the USA as All-Clad. I guess that's why there was so little response. I had one 8" Demeyere frypan, which an eBay seller sent me when I "won" an 8" All-Clad frypan from her. It didn't sit flat on my burner, a problem I've never had with any other pot or pan.

                                                It seemed the handle was heavier than the body of the pan--kind of see-saw-like. Anyway, I sent it back, and that's my Demeyere story. I had never heard of the brand, incidentally, until this frypan showed up at my door.

                                                Someone told me it was pronounced duh-MY-ruh, btw.

                                              2. get the all clad. the customer service is excellent. I had a warped pan, sent it to them, they sent me a new pan. no questions asked. that is customer service, also kitchen aid. the best customer service. i have the stainless, I have had it over 20 years. the best. why waste your money.

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                                                  Hi, rawest69:

                                                  I think maybe the OP got her pans 6 years ago.


                                                  1. re: kaleokahu

                                                    I've had All Clad replace pans after 12 years—they are suppose to NEVER warp, and they take this guarantee very seriously!

                                                    Rawest is right—All Clad is the best, you can really count on them.

                                                    I have a few Demeyere pieces I like—but I bet it would be hard to even find a USA phone number for them...?

                                                2. Demeyere Atlantis is some of my absolute favorite cookware. I started with the skillets, then the sauté pans, then sauciers, and now a pot. I have not met anyone who has cooked with it who does not love it. Most of the negatives I have heard are about the price, or different schools of thought about the theory behind the construction. I would not have kept adding pieces at those prices if I didn't think it was worth it. I donated the few pieces of All-clad that I had to a local monastery. The two do not compare.

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                                                    Demeyere Atlantis rocks! Yes, I have owned All-Clad and I hate the handles. I also hate riveted handles.

                                                    If I started over from scratch today, it would be all Staub, Le Crueset and Demeyere Atlantis.