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Nov 28, 2006 02:08 PM

Gourmet boxed lunches for meeting?

Is anyone aware of a cater who offers elegantly presented gourmet boxed lunches? I have to order food for a corporate lunch and am looking for something out of the ordinary. Preferably in the downtown core but as long as they deliver, anywhere in the GTA is great.


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  1. Check out Opulence Catering. They love doing this kind of thing:

    1. I've ordered box lunches from Dish. Very nice, but almost absurdly expensive. Still, if price is no object...

      You could check out Senses as well, although I'm not sure how much catering they do now. It seems to figure a lot less prominently on their website than it did when I used them. Worth a call, though.

      1. yup - sen5es is great. I use/go there all the time for really nice boxed lunches.

        1. Daniel et Daniel have great food, deliver, and are downtown. And yes, they do lunch.

          1. Catering for You is located near Parliament and Richmond. Elegant looking and exquisite tasting boxed lunches. Great care in presentation and choice of ingredients.