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Nov 28, 2006 02:07 PM

LATE lunch restaurant in northern bergen county

looking for restaurant where we can arrive +/- 2:30 and have a leisurely lunch, midweek. park ridge, montvale, woodcliff lake area or not too far. seafood a preference but not absolutely required.

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  1. I am too new to the area to know about late lunches but perhaps a review of a few threads might be a good start...

    Heard good things about Baci and a few other places in Westwood, try doing a search for Westwood as well......

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    1. re: Michele4466

      thanks michele. have been to baci a few times for dinner. good food and service is great...but a parking situation (there is none). the two threads were terrific. if you are still considering recs for your candlelit vote is for the saddle river inn! it's byob, but that is probably not an issue when you're nine months pregnant.

      good luck!

      1. re: jomine

        Funny, after the doctor yesterday, as we were in Westwood, we headed to town... ended up finding a spot on the street after a good fifteen minutes and just headed to the pub "PJ somethings", I think...My husband loves his pubs and I just do not care too much as of late, LOL. It was actually very good and cozy but the point being, I understand the parking thing. Have not been to Baci yet there ever valet over in Westwood or do you just rely on good luck?

        As to your rec, thanks, I will definitely be trying the SRI but it is a bit late for us... we are just waiting now - any day! Yikes!

        I hope you find what you are looking for, if so, please clue me in. I love a lesiurely late lunch as well.

        Best, Michele

        1. re: Michele4466

          know just the pub you refer to....good for a sandwich or salad on a busy shopping day in westwood. as for the parking - it's bad news. the folks at baci have said they are working on the valet idea. but it is worth a try because the food and ambience are great.

          went to VARKA in ramsey for our late lunch tuesday. arrived after 2:30 and left close to 5:00. they couldn't have been nicer. just enough service to make us know they hadn't forgotten about us but not so much that we felt "unwanted". their food is always excellent...greek with a concentration on excellent fish. also got a tip about a new place in allendale...Restaurant L. i'm told they serve lunch straight through from noon until dinner with just a change of menu at 5:00. will report back if we try it next tuesday.

          hope you get to the saddle river inn to celebrate after the little chowhound arrives.

          good luck!!


          1. re: jomine

            Varka sounds right up our alley...Will definitely put it in our short list. Thanks.

            Will also be giving Baci a try when we can get out... you eventually always find a spot :-)