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Nov 28, 2006 01:06 PM

Weird chowhound post, but need to send food to friend whose father died, need suggestions

She's not Jewish, so it's not a shiva house, but I thought it would be nice to send something good to eat instead of flowers. But I went to the Zabar's site and the baskets for some reason seemed inappropriate, not sure why. Straight food might be inappropriate, too. Does anyone have any nice suggestions of something to send as a gesture of sympathy?

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  1. Maybe a full prepared meal? I'm not sure why "straight food" would be inappropriate - one of the nicest things that anyone sent us when my dad died last summer, in amongst a lot of beautiful flowers, was a box of perfect peaches!

    Whatever you send will be appreciated, I'm sure, as long as it's not packaged in a way that says "celebrate!" or congratulations!"

    1. Do you remember where the perfect peaches came from? It might be the wrong season, but if I can find a really great fruit seller, I would like to do something like that. I don't think Harry and David is that great.

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        Sadly, I don't. It was a peach grower I'd never heard of before, in Alabalma or Mississippi - the person who sent them was a friend of my sister's, who lived in Knoxville at the time.

        This time of year, maybe you could find a good citrus grower?

      2. I would think that the Zabar's basket of rugelach would be perfect. It's something that they can put out when people call.

        Harry & David has wonderful fruit baskets.

        Otherwise, I'd google a bakery in their area and send over cookies or something.

        1. Check for their various gift baskets. At the least it will give you some ideas. They have a sourcream coffee cake that might be appropriate.

          Actually, my first thought was sending a ham. A Virginia ham perhaps? Or a Spanish ham (or meats from La

          There's brisket or pastrami from Katz's. Or babka and smoked fish from Russ&Daughters.

          There are jams, mustards and crackers from Stonewall Kitchens.

          There were several gift basket threads from the past. I'm sure many will offer relevant suggestions.

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            I second They have a bereavement package and it is always well received.

          2. I agree with all of Pupster's comments. My brother died a few years ago and a friend sent a huge assortment from the 2nd Ave. Deli (now closed... but you prob. already knew that). My family loved it and it fed many family and friends for days and days.