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Nov 28, 2006 11:50 AM

NYC Hound in town Sat night . . .

Looking for a recomendations in the Boston / Cambridge area w/o reservation (maybe bar dining?) for two? Been to Salts, Stella and Oleana recently . . . what's next? Many thanks!

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  1. Union on Washington Street.

    1. Had dinner at the blue room in Cambridge in Oct. It was really good and service was terrific.

      1. I'll second the Blue Room. DC and I are long overdue for a visit to this old favorite. And, I'll add Rendezvous Central Square and Central Kitchen in Central Square.

        Be sure to have the mussels frites at Cental Kitchen. One of those dishes you should not miss.

        1. Also Sorellina, Eastern Standard, Douzo, Bouchee, Mistral, Prezza. Those are all good sized bars that I've had good food at, but may be tough on a Sat. (too bad it wasn't the Sat. after Tgiving still). Also Casablanca and Central Kitchen in Cambridge.

          1. i'm not a fan of the 3 places you've tried in boston. for small fun bistro type places with consistently excellent and diverse menus, I'd recommend : Tremont 647 in Boston's south end;Casablanca in Harvard Square; Gargoyle's in Davis Sq (near Harv Sq); EVOO near Harv Sq. I do not think Central Kitchen or Rendezvous can touch the quality and diverse influences of the food at my recommended spots. the 4 places i've mentioned all have good wine lists and drinks and their staffs are friendly,welcoming, and knowledgable. Trem 647 and casabl. are in locations where you could have a safe,lively interesting walk after your meal.