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Nov 28, 2006 10:07 AM

Question about Vietnamese dessert

In Markham I was served a small bowl of something after I finished my pho that I hadn't seen before- it was a tan-coloured broth with carrot chunks and lentils or black beans (not sure which) but it was SWEET tasting. Very different for me, I tried to finish it and am usually open and experimental, but really couldn't. Aside from that, can someone tell me if this is a common dish and the name of it? Thanks

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  1. Carrots? Are you sure they weren't sweet potatos / yams? It sounds like you probably went to a chinese run vietnamese place. That dessert soup is very common amongst chinese restaurants. They just call it 'yam sugar water'.

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      Thanks, - Yeah, it was yam on second thought..just takes some getting used to, I guess..notice some parts of the world don't do dessert like us- at Korean you sometimes just get a piece of orange..

    2. Bo Bo cha cha?

      If that looks like it maybe you could ask on the General Board how common it is.

      1. I think it's a type of "Che", the Vietnamese version of the Chinese "sugar water" dessert. Some of the Vietnamese sub (banh mi) places along Spadina sells a variety of these.

        1. As much as people are adventurous and culinarily open-minded, I think even smart eaters find that chinese/vietnamese desserts don't translate well to their palates. Asian deserts are pretty much an acquired taste.

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            I find Chinese and Vietnamese desserts to be squirmy or savory, usually in a soup-type sauce...
            I love the Chinese tapioca and taro dessert, but can't stand the red bean soup dessert.
            I'm also addicted to the Vietnamese dessert with all the different gelatinous pieces in coconut milk. Mmmm..

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              I LOVE Vietnamese desserts, slimy, gooey, and beany yum!