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Nov 28, 2006 07:57 AM

Know a good candy cookbook or candy website?

The fudge and the caramel are no problem, but Joy's ominous and vague warnings about the weather are spooking me about fondants etc. Anyone know where to get detailed and authoritative information about the strange behavior of sugar crystals and chocolate?

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  1. My best cookbook for candy (all chocolate based concoctions) has been trial and error. I make chocolates for the holidays and even after 30 + years I still like to experiment and make at least one new type of candy each year. You can find the most basic recipes in almost any cookbook and then I just run with it to create my own versions. I know there are thousands of cookbooks out there for candies- just go to your local bookstore and look around. I usually buy a cookbook based upon how many recipes I would like to make in it.

    1. Where are you? Is it very humid where you are? If not, don't worry. Humidy is the worst.

      "The Ultimate Candy Book" by Bruce Weinstein. The brittle recipes are great.

      There's also a book by Carole Bloom that's really terrific and detailed in terms of recipe directions. I can't quite recall the title right now--maybe "Chocolate, Candy and Confections"?.

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        I can't remember of CB's book either, but it's great.

      2. Just picked up a copy of Fine Chocolate by Jean-Pierre Wybauw. It has a lot of information on sugar and chocolate. It's an expensive book (~$90), but worth every penny.

        As for a good website, try There are lots of people (many professionals) with much experience on the site who are very helpful. I've been seeking help with my truffles there this past week and have gotten lots of useful information. There are also lots of recipes there.