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Kirghyz Hot Yogurt

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My mother grew up in the former Soviet Union and once she discoered the now defunct restaurant The Kazakh Hut (in Scarborough), she could not believe it. It had quite a few of her favourite foods. As a result, I too developed a taste for Kirghyz Hot Yogurt. It came in different flavours. Hmm, my mouth waters just thinking of it... The best sellers were, of course, chicken livers, kernel corn and also salt fish. But the dessert ones were what got me going back: gooseberry, lingon or even Latvian caramel.

Anyone knows if there is a place in the GTA that still serves this old world delicacy? I remember watching Yosif mixing the ingredients in the cauldron full of hot yogurt. What a pro he was! I heard the old fellow retired.

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  1. Hey turnertom,

    Very interesting. I did not know about this dish. I know about Ukrainian or Russian restaurants, but no Kazakh, Kirghyz or otherwise. Sounds like a weird combo of flavours, except for the sweet ones. Again.... wow!