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Nov 28, 2006 06:48 AM

Cooking classes in West LA

My fiance and I like to cook, and I thought a good Christmas present would be some fun cooking course where we could work together. Google came up with a bevy of listings, but no clear frontrunner. Anyone has any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. New School of Cooking in Culver City was good. William Sonoma in Beverly Hills and Sur La Table were good too.

    1. I've heard wonderful things about LA Food Works - though that's catered more to larger parties/events ( ) I believe they have some classes that goes on that you can attend.

      For some free demos (and an excuse to pick up some gourmet ingredients) - Surfas Market offer a few, check 'em out at - the folks there may have further tips about what paid classes are good & fun.


      1. I really like the classes at Chef's Inc on Pico in West LA.

        1. Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom on a side street right off Pico near Overland is definitely reliable.

          It's a small place, but Chef Eric is highly knowledgable, everything is very hands on, and they have a wide range of offerings for cooks of all levels, along with social classes...etc.

          1. I would recommend Let's Get Cookin' out of Westlake Village, if you're willing to drive that far. It's taught by one of Wolfgang Puck's people, and has an emphasis on placing people in restaurants. This might be daunting to some, especially people who are older who most certainly will not be giving up their careers to go work in a kitchen for 14 hours, but it's also nice to have that level of expertise in the home.


            Because of its restaurant ties, you also get to work with industry people every now and then. They do a market tour (not the usual one that you might think; the one that opens at 3am in Downtown where the *restaurants* buy their stuff) as well as go on fine-dining trips to see things like plating, menus, etc.