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Nov 28, 2006 06:13 AM

Finally had the potato ball at Porto's

Went on a 6.5 mile walk yesterday and decided to put back all the calories I burned by ending up at Porto's in Burbank. My friends are always raving about the potato ball, so raving friend and I got two of those, plus a Cubano sandwich each.

The potato ball is kind of the perfect food: Crispy on the outside, with warm, mashed potato surrounding a ground meat center. Yum. It's not a new combo, just done differently and well. Imagine a hand-held shepard's pie, just smaller. But the Cubano sandwich is what really got me: Crusty Cuban bread, super thin, lean slices of ham and pork, dill pickles, a hint of melted cheese and mustard. The bread is nice and toasted, but it doesn't cut the roof of your mouth when you bite into it. And each bite has the perfect amount of ham, pork, cheese, mustard and pickle. Perfection? I think so. World domination? Possibly sometime in the near future.

Unlike a lot of other places, Porto's doesn't drown their sandies in cheese - I love the stuff, but I don't want oozing mounds of cheese on a Cubano.

My only regret is that I got it "to go," and realized I then missed out on the free side of plantain chips. Dang it! I think I'll have to walk over there again next weekend.


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  1. well you already acknowledged the "to go" as the wrong part.....ohhh its sooo good when you eat it there.....

    1. LOL!! Last week someone brought Portos into work and I snagged the LAST potato ball!! It was the luckiest thing to happen to me in a long time! :) Glad you enjoyed the Cubano... I'll have to give a shot there again! :)


      1. Someone brought in meat pies from Porto's at work last week - SOO delish! I can't wait to make an excursion there myself to try to the Cubano sandwich (I've had the one at Dona Rosa's in Pasadena so can't wait to try another...)


        1. My fav sandwich at Porto's is the Midnight Sandwich (Media Noche). It's sliced ham and pork, swiss cheese, and pickles on this sweet roll that they put in a sandwich press - so it's very flat and warm when you get it... absolutely heavenly.

          Last weekend, I popped into the Glendale location, ordered my sandwich and for the first time in 10 years -- got the wrong sandwich!! While disappointed, I didn't want to wait for them to redo it and thought I'd try something different -- it was a shredded pork sandwich on toasted bread. I found the pork to be on the fatty side and I didn't finish all the bread. It didn't come close to the bliss that is the media noche.

          And, yes - the potato balls are heavenly. They make a smaller party size as well -- it's the perfect party food. Love the meat pies as well. The only thing I really don't care for are the ham croquettes.

          1. I don't love their Cuban sandwiches but the potato balls are total crack.