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Nov 28, 2006 05:27 AM

beard papa - RWC - finally open

just thought i'd let you hounds know.

don't forget to swing by next door for marble slab either!

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  1. Forgive me but what is RWC?

    And there's no forgiveness for Beard Papa, they have destroyed my will power.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to visit this weekend.

    1. The Bear Papa website doesn't show the RWC location yet. What is the address? TIA

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        1. re: anna

          it's kind of in an odd know you're heading the right way if you go toward the movie theater or costplus which are also new along with BP.

      1. So far they only have the basic vanilla cream puff and eclairs. They haven't started making the special flavors as far as I could tell.

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        1. re: peppatty

          When I stopped by last Friday they had vanilla and caramel and others were "coming soon". I inhaled them both in no time. They said caramel was the special for that day. Only a few customers on a Friday afternoon.

        2. I ate at the SF location last week, liked the "plain", not enough to go out of my way. Me and a friend couldn't quite get through our half-dozen. I'd rather spend the calorie budget on BBQ.

          1. The cream filling was a tad bit on the runny side when I tried the green tea and vanilla bean versions at RWC. A far cry from the one in Hong Kong, which opened SEVEN years ago when the Beard Papa craze hit in Japan, and everything tasted super freshly made. The cream puff at Satura Cakes is much better.

            Perhaps someone in the know can enlighten us, why did it take six to seven years for BP to open in the Bay Area? Japanese chains that are in Taiwan here as I write this, open up within a short time after the ones are established in Japan. I guess trends take forever to reach the US, much like tapioca milk teas. Oddly enough no BP in Taipei, I guess people have moved on to the latest thing.