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Seeking best wineries to tour in Mendocino area

While in the Mendocino area we will be looking for wineries to visit. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love the Mendocino area. Fetzer has a great tasting room in Mendocino..the winery is near Hopland. Roederer Estate, Husch, Navarro, Handley are all in the Anderson Valley.

    1. Definitely Fetzer and also Jeriko.

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        Fetzer closed the Hopland tasting room last March.

      2. My recommendations from this post have not changed:


        There are two main clusters of wineries in Mendocino County: those in the Anderson Valley and those near Hopland. You could theoretically do both on the same day, but I'd suggest choosing one or the other. I prefer Anderson Valley since the cooler climate produces sparklings, Alsatian varieties, and Pinot Noirs that appeal more to me. The Hopland cluster specializes in warmer climate grapes like Syrah and Zinfandel. Assuming you're driving to Mendocino from somewhere to the south, Anderson Valley also lies on the more direct route to Mendocino; Hopland is a small detour.

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          Do the winereies in Anderson Valley charge a tasting fee?

        2. Also try Esterlina - fun tasting experience and beautiful view.

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            1. In the Anderson Valley don't miss Goldeneye for fabulous Pinot Noir in a homey and sophisticated tasting room.

              1. Concur with the Anderson valley suggestions and add Handley to the list -- great Syrah and Rieslings for not much money.

                1. I like Navarro & Husch. Also worth mentioning that there is a great brewery along HWY 28 as well, Anderson Valley Brewing Company. They have an 18 hole disc golf course which is a fun detour on a nice day.

                  1. Goldeneye was acquired by Duckhorn a few years ago. They only produce Pinot Noir. The wines are very good; the staff is well-trained and gracious; and tasting wine on the back patio, where the view is as stunning as any in the wine country, was, on a beautiful early Septmeber afternoon, an experience always to be remembered. Highly recommended.

                    Although we did not get to Lazy Creek, we met the owner (Josh Chnadler) at the Wine Shop in Mendocino. He is a very down to earth guy, who makes very good wine. We were able to taste some of their wines at the store. Great Pinot Noir. We brought a bottle to dinner that night at Moose Cafe (our best meal in Mendocino, highly recommended), and shared it with the waitress and chef, who loved it. I also liked the Pinot Blanc. I believe the New York Times has rated Lazy Creek's Gewurtztraminer the best in America.

                    The Wine Shop is a real find. It is the Mendocino branch of a Healdsburg store, run by Dan Reed. Great selection of Mendocino area wines, along with hard to find wines from other areas of the state. We purchased some French wines also. Dan has strong opinions, (which I think is good), is very knowledgeable, and asked us to join the sales tastings that winereies were doing at the store that day.

                    1. I am excited by everyone's recommendations. Esterlina requests apointments for tastings and I have contacted them. The list of wineries so far sound great. Our trip next month will be greatly enhanced by all your advice. Thank you so much! We don't leave for our driving trip from Thousand Oaks to Mendocino until mid Jan. so I will continue checking for new postings.

                      1. Esterlina is my favorite wine to drink, and I love sitting on the decks with the view..

                        They do require appointments, but the last few times I called from the bottom of their driveway and they said they said come on up.