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Nov 28, 2006 04:23 AM

Seeking the best food in the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area

We will be taking a road trip in January up the coast to Mendocino/Fort Bragg. We are searching for the best meals in the Mendocino area. Also wondering how Restaurant 955 Ukiah St. is these days.

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  1. Cafe Beaujolais in Mendo..make reservations. In Ft. Rendezvous Inn and Restaurant and Mendo Bistro.

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    1. re: melly

      I have loved Rendezouz Inn in Fort Bragg in the past as well. However, my last visit, about a month ago, was disappointing. The food was good, but not great. I can't even remember what we had, other than that I had a butternut squash soup that was much too heavy and tasted of nothing but cream. No real squash flavor. Never thought I'd complain that something was too rich, but it was!

      On top of that, the service was painfully inadequate, with only one server handling everything (and I do mean *everything*: no bussers in site) for the entire room...which of course led to huge waits between courses. he also was gone for long periods of time in the kitchen, leading us to wonder if he was doing most of the prep work as well. I can only hope that about two or three people called in sick that day, and that it was an off night.

      In fairness, another couple staying at the same Inn we were at went to Rendevouz for dinner the following night and raved about their experience. Still, for me the food on that visit wasn't worth the waits....

      Indeed, it wasn't a great food weekend all the way around. I'd say our lunch at Moose Cafe in Mendocino was only ok: some of the lettuce was browning on my salad. Then we had a disappointing dinner at General's Daughter in Sonoma on the way home. Our two best meals were the picnic we brought with us to eat in the Navarro vineyard, and abalone our friends caught and cooked over the coals at the Van Damme Campground....oh well....

      1. re: melly

        Seconding Mendo Bistro.

        Best mashed potatoes ever.

        1. re: mudster

          I had the worst service I have ever had at Mendo Bistro and when we complained to the manager she was even more rude than the waitress. I liked the food but won't ever eat there again due to the attitude of the wait staff and management.

          1. re: dgb

            dgb, sorry, but that's very difficult to believe. I have eaten and Mendo Bistro a few times, and not only is the food spectacular, and very fairly priced, but the well-trained servers and the chef-owner and his wife, the manager-owner, have always done everything possible to keep us - and everybody in the place - completely happy.

            1. re: johng95409

              Well, we ordered our food and when it was ready they placed it on the table along with our glass of wine. We never received any more service. They then brought the bill without asking ever if we wanted more wine (my glass was empty half way through the meal) and never offered us dessert or coffee which we were planning to order. We mentioned the fact that the owner missed out on sales due to the lack of table service and instead of expressing concern, interest or an apology she said that we had several people assigned to our table to serve and she did not see what the problem could be. Is that specific enough for you?

              1. re: dgb

                For me such inattention, though annoying and inexcusable, does not constitute what you had previously called "the worst service ever." I am sorry that you had that experience, but our experience has been entirely different on each occasion we have dined there, as has those of friends we have sent there and everybody else that I have ever talked to about the place.

      2. Harbor House is a B&B located in Elk, CA, 15 miles south of Mendo. They have an outstanding dining room serving California cuisine. Great place to stay, too.

        1. We just ate at the Moosse Cafe in Mendo two weeks ago, and it was fantastic. My husband had duck and I had an incredible bass dish with celery root and mushrooms. Killer.

          1. While a bit dated, this thread and the embedded links may be useful.


            1. Gotta go to Ardellas in Willits for breakfast or lunch. I ahve not been since the move (Someone help!) but the food here is great! the biggest bestest cinnamon rolls ever, a very inventive menu.