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Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

My cold-weather quest for basic food has me searching for the city's best BLT sandwich. Who does this one well?

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  1. Westville makes a bangin' one! I often MEAN to order a salad there, then crumble and get a BLT!

    1. Vynl on 9th Ave does a great one. Nice thick bacon, L, T, and chipotle mayo on a warm soft flatbread.

      1. Googie's on the UES has a great one. They have delicious, crusty white bread.

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          For old school, I love love love Eisenberg's BLT (they're on 5th Avenue around 21st St.)

          Recently I've enjoyed the BLT at Tiny's on the LES. They add avocado and put it on a nice whole-grain bread.

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            Whenever Eisenberg's is suggested, I feel compelled to mention that I had one of the worst BLT's ever there. And the egg cream was a total disappointment as well. That was before the change in ownership, so I hope there's been a vast improvement.

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              I second Tiny's! Then again I love so many of their sandwiches.

          2. Bar 89 in SoHo! You can get it on white or whole wheat and can add avocado, or anything else, it you like. Nice thick, crisp bacon!

            1. interesting. i don't think i've ever gone out for a blt. how much does a good blt run at one of these restaurants? i once had a crazy blt craving and went to dean & deluca and bought some rather $$ ingredients. but it was the best blt i ever did had!

              1. $7.25 at Bar 89. Served with waffle fries, fresh veggies and fruit.

                1. 'Ino (and Inoteca) has a spin on a BLT that is very addictive, definately try one...

                  1. I really like Fairway Cafe's BLT. I get on sliced brioche bc they started putting it on a roll for some unknown reason-the bacon is always crisp, super fresh tomato's & excellent lettuce. Full disclosure-I don't do mayo so the B,L & T need to stand up on their own...
                    Had Eisenberg's version years ago when I lived on the UES & didn't care for it much...

                    1. that's way cheaper than what i did. lesson learned. thanks!

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                        You are kidding right? You may have spent more than $7.25 on all of the ingredients at Dean And Deluca, but certainly, the per sandwich cost didn't exceed that.

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                          oh ... that's true. i feel less foolish now. thanks pdg.

                      2. I second Westville, with enthusiasm!