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Nov 28, 2006 03:41 AM

Daikokuya fading?

Hi. I used to be a big fan of the ramen at Daikokuya since I work in downtown. Lately I am finding the drop in quality with Daikokuya's ramen. The broth is watery with little taste. There are minimal taste with the bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and the egg. The noodle was never Daikokuya's strong point. The only merit is that the pork is still tender and flavorful. Are others finding the same thing? I was there three times in the last six months and each time is the same. I have not try other dishes the last three times. What gives?

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  1. Do you get the kotteri style broth?

    I'm usually there once every other week and don't seem to think there's any discernable difference.

    Same ramen from Sun Noodle in Hawaii.

    I don't know--I've seen more people waiting to eat there than ever.

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    1. re: monku

      No, I did not get the stronger broth but I didn't either one to two years ago. My fifteen years old son (chowhound to be) also senses the difference. Maybe I am being spoiled by Santoka? You are right in that their business is as good as ever.

      1. re: curtiskan

        Santuka is a differnt type of ramen than Daikokuya. I've been to both recently and I still much perfer Daikokuya's Kotteri. It has this 'funky' edge that the Santouka doesn't...


        1. re: curtiskan

          Business must be good.

          I noticed a new sign a few months ago that said if they run out of broth, they'll close early.

      2. Was at Daikokuya last week and thought it was very good. Their gyoza were also better than I remembered. I do think it was better when the tattooed noodle guy was at the helm of the steaming pot though, that was maybe 3-4 years ago. It just doesn't seem as serious now.
        Give Tokyo cafe down the street on San Pedro a try for a different take on ramen.

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        1. re: cls

          Last time I was there maybe six months ago, the soup was strangely uneven. Some parts of the soup seemed not as hot as other spots. This was the first time I have ever had a noodle soup like that. My girlfriend said it was because they put in vegetables or slices of pork that were not uniformly the room temperature. Maybe they just got it out of the frig and mixed it. Don't know, but didn't care much for it.

          1. re: cfylong

            It's true - if you sit at the counter and watch them put the bowls together, the broth and noodles are the only ingredients that go in hot. The chilly egg usually bums me out, but I still like Daikokuya's ramen.

            1. re: cfylong

              I think the egg and cha shu are cold, so if you don't let it sit in the soup for very long, you will sense the temp. difference.

          2. Sometimes, I think that their broth is off, maybe a little watered down every once in a while. But, the kotteri style broth was downright decadent. Stick with kotteri.

            1. I'm going to give a dissenting view of the kotteri style. They advertise it as "richer broth" but it seems like all they do is add a ladle of rendered fat to the stock. It's heavy and greasy. When Daikokuya's broth is on, it doesn't need a bolster of extra fat.

              Mr Taster

              1. Wow...

                I went to Daikokuya today around 230 against my better judgement. Truthfully, it was only because Izayoi and the farmers market were already closed...I had this thread in the back of my mind as I sat down. Ordered gyoza and ramen kotteri.

                Absolutely tastless broth. No body, no flavor...Felt like i was slurping cup o noodles. The chasu has even gone down hill.

                Everytime I'm disapointed after eating ramen in LA,I always wonder how a REAL ramen ya would do here. A place whose entire foucus is on 1 or 2 types of broth which are truely mastered. Sadly, even if my favorite ramen ya from Tokyo opened in LA, I think people here just wouldn't get it.

                Back to reality, I look over at the couple 2 tables behind me. They both ordered chicken teriyaki and california roll combos. No wonder Daikokuya has gone down hill. The customers are freaking clueless...