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best superautomatic espresso maker?

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hey all,

looking to buy a superautomatic espresso machine. i really don't want to spend 6 grand, but maybe i will if it's really worth it. otherwise i'd like to stay below 2 grand, any suggestions? i'd be extra curious to hear from those who own them...

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  1. I own a Capresso 1000, which I'm not sure is even manufactured anymore. (I bought it quite a while ago - maybe 3-4 years??) It cost -back then- about 2K IIRC.

    My experience:
    - It has never malfunctioned, never broken, never faltered.
    - I have saved a billion trillion dollars at Starbucks.
    - It is ridiculously easy to keep clean.
    - It has gone on several 10-hour car trips to the cottage; so apparently jostling's not an issue.
    - The cleaning tablets aren't always easy to find, and are expensive. That's the *sole* downside, and it's no big deal.

    Good luck.

    I expect all superautomatics are fairly equivalent: I highly recommend the category :-)

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      I also own the C1000, had it for about 7 years and love it. I just found out however that it has been recalled. I called Capresso today and they will fix it for free, or sell me an upgrade to the E8 at cost.($550)

    2. thanks. you didn't say much about the quality of the espresso though! is the grinder on it adequate?

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        I think it's fab, and I bought it after a LOT of research on wholelattelove. But I'm no expert. Detractors say superautomatic espresso in no way approaches the quality of espresso from a manual machine. To me though, its quality is fine.

      2. I love my Saeco Professional - great grinder, fabulous coffee with perfect crema.

        My sister has the Saeco Vienna Digital and is thrilled with hers, as well.

        I did quite a bit of research before purchasing (about 2 years ago), and liked what I read about Saeco's reliability and product.

        1. Gaggia Titanium. Love it. Love it. Love it. Purchased in April of this year so I can't give you long-term results. Paid about $1300. from EsprssoZone.com but Wholelattelove.com has some kind of hotline you can call to see you through any questions you may have. Since they run about the same price, I would suggest you go with that web site. These sites can also sell you the cleaning solution you will need with any of the machines.

          1. I just gave up my Rancillo grinder and Pasquini machine...which are both pretty well regarded among the espresso fanatics for a Jura Capresso F7 - and its been everything I expected and a lot more --- ill never go back to manual again. While I could pull good shots with the pasquini, it was hit or miss...its messy to grind, tamp etc., and not something i wanted to do first thing in the morning. The Jura does everything, exactly, perfectly the same time, over and over. It takes up less counter space, is significantly quieter than the Pasquini, and in the end, less expensive. I get really great crema coffees in 2 minutes from turn on - To me, so far, well worth it. I think purists would agrue that the manuals will pull a superior shot, but for me, just an avid coffee lover, the Jura is better than I could ever myself get out of my other machine. HOpe that helps.

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              Second the Jura Capresso F7. Excellent machine for great espresso and cappuccino

            2. I've been very happy with my Saeco Vienna automatic. I've had it for years and it's always been reliable. Was purchased for approx. $900 several years ago, don't know what the prices are like now. Of course, as stated above, some purists may not like the automatics, but my lifestyle is quite hectic, so it works well for me.

              1. I've had a Gaggia Synchrony Digital for 3 years with no problems, not even when, in a "haven't had the first cup yet" haze, I inadvertently poured water in the bean hopper (just cleaned up the mess, blew it out with compressed air, and everything was back to a-ok). Several thousand cups made, and every one has been good. It may not be the equal of a master barista with years of experience, but it's better than most local espresso joints.

                1. Anyone have the DeLonghi Magninfica model they sell at Crate and Barrel? Thoughts on that one?

                  1. Just my humble opinion but I don't think I would buy deLonghi. Historically, a lot of the stuff they have made has been low-end. That being said, companies can change product lines and philosophies, but I'd go with one of the above-mentioned brands.

                    I have a Rancilio Silvia and a Cunill grinder. It is such a pain in the rear to use. Wish I could bring myself to trust a semiautomatic or automatic machine. I think its the complexity of these beasts, the cost of repairs should something fail and the lack of control over the process. But thats just me - control over the process does one no good if it is such a pain to use that you never use it.

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                      Miss Silvia historically has been a very finicky and high strung lady! If you ever get upgrade fever, and I'm sure you will, check out the HX machines that have an E-61 grouphead They are much easier to use and far less temperamental than Miss Silvia.

                    2. If you can afford it, I'd say go for the Jura Capresso Z5 or Z6. Great espresso and unbelievably easy to use (it is for the lazy home barista which I am, I prefer to have everything done for me) - there is nothing this machine can't do. It isn't a cheap machine, though not 6 grand!