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Nov 28, 2006 03:33 AM

Late Night Dining - Westside

Looking for dining spots serving dinner after 10pm between LAX and UCLA area. Could only come up with La Cabana which is open until 3am and Jerry's. Suggestions please!

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  1. Hi.. Well, Canter's is just a bit further off course, but it's open 24 hrs/day. And though not the best deli hereabouts by a long chalk, its certainly better deli fare than Jerry's... I do believe that Swingers in Santa Monica is open all nite too... Also, isn't the Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica a 24 hr. operation?

    1. Both Swingers and the Dining Car are 24/7. I think Benito's tacos at Federal and Santa monica is as well.

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        Benitos is no longer 24/7, but I think it still stays open fairly late.

        I discovered this the hgrd way when I wanted a breakfast burrito at 9 am once.

        1. Late night option near Sawtelle for Japanese - decent food better than 24 hour Yoshinoya Beef Bowl: New Japan (strip mall Sawtelle and Santa Monica) and for Hookah and late night hummus at Dahab, Sawtelle - South of Santa Monica.

          1. despite the fact that I think the margaritas are made with a mix you can buy at Ralph's and the food is horrendous, lots of people like the fact that La Cabana in Venice is open until 3AM every night. It's open late and many people will say decent things about La Cabana, but I am not one of them.

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              if you can stomach the artificially flavored margarita mix long enough to down a few of those margaritas, then the mediocre food seems ok.