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Nov 28, 2006 03:01 AM

Ten Tables Review

Wife and I had a fantastic dinner a couple weeks ago at Ten Tables... why cant more places offer inovative, delicious food at such great prices?? (Rent prices is probably one of them, but not the only answer)

Started with a wonderful house apertif and followed with 2 salads... one with a beautiful farm fresh poached egg on top the other with nice fresh frissee and simple dressing.. fantastic... followed with the simple house charcuterie...Wife had the delicious cassoulet with maghogany clams, chorizo and other wonderful ingredients.. I had a perfectly prepared poached swordish ontop of purple potatoes in a lite broth... this place rocks! only wish we didnt have to drive from Portsmouth to get such a great value (under $100 with tip and wine) and awesome food!

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  1. I second the motion that Ten Tables is a truly special restaurant. I went a few months ago and can't wait to go back. We sat at the "Chef's Table" which is really a bar overlooking the open kitchen. We completely forgave the fact that it was slightly hotter than the rest of the place because the sous chef kept offering us little amuses in between courses. Our food was uniformly good and the charcuterie plate was especially delicious.Also, it was a Wednesday, when they offer any combination of three courses from their menu for $25.

    1. cep, are you not a fan of pesce blue in your own town?? we've always had exc exper's there. when next you drive down here for a meal, hope you'll try EVOO and Gargoyles, both saving you at least 1/2 hour of driving.lots of posts on these 2, if you enter them into the 'search' box.