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Where are the best croissants in this area?

let me know

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    1. re: pdxgirl

      any part of the Pacific Northwest-oregon, washington state-etc

    2. In Portland, St Honore Boulengerie, owned by a French guy. Wonderful croissants, all types, plus various pastries. Sandwiches available too. NW 24th & Thurman, freeway-close to anywhere.

      1. Grand Central does surprisigly good croissants in Portland. I've also heard that the Lebanese family that owns Sesame Donuts makes a very good croissant too...

        1. In Seattle, it's Cafe Besalu in Ballard, at least for my vote.

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          1. re: CNims

            Definitely Cafe Besalu in Seattle.

          2. In Seattle, I think Le Pannier across the street from Pike's Place Market is great. They used to be in Portland (where I live) too, and when they closed up here I greatly missed them. Whenever I'm in Seattle -- rarely - I always visit Le Pannier.

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              The founder of Le Panier (Seattle, used to be in PDX) started St Honore Boulengerie in Portland about three years ago.

              1. re: Leonardo

                I think you have that wrong. St. Honore is owned/operated by a French transplant. The original owner of Pannier opened Fleur de Lis in Hollywood, where the old Hollywood branch library used to be And yes, their croissants are excellent.

                1. re: whimsy2

                  I thought that Fleur de Lis was opened by the original owner of Pearl Bakery.

                  1. re: Leonardo

                    I could be wrong. Well, next time I go there (Fleur de Lis) I'll ask. If I remember.

            2. In Portland: KEN'S ARTISAN BAKERY 503.248.2202 www.kensartisan.com (NW 21st @ Flanders) is my top choice for croissants. Try the plain or ham & cheese. (They have a Chocolate version too.)

              1. St. Honore, hands (buttery) down.

                1. I second Kens on 21st. But after you try the pain au raisins, you may not go back to the croissants!

                  1. I love the croissants at the Boulangerie in Seattle on 45th in Wallingford. The almond ones are the best, I think (not the almond cream - just plain almond).

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                    1. re: seattledebs

                      I will second the boulangerie in Wallingford (if only to hear the French-Viet accents of the bakers). The Essential Bakery in Madison Valley makes a mean black forest ham and cheese croissant. The plain and raspberry are also very good; they obviously know how to work with butter.

                    2. In Seattle, I like Le Fournil on Eastlake near the university bridge. Essential on Madison is good, but very inconsistent, both in quality and size. I've seen many a small and burnt ham and cheese croissant there.

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                      1. re: daryn

                        Huh. I've never seen a burnt, teeny anything there- but I don't frequent the place every day (I would have cellulite on my face if I did). I will agree that Le Fournil is exceptional.

                        1. re: hertzdonut

                          I used to live a block from there, and shamefully, i did go there everyday :) That was during their first year of being open, so it's probably more consistent now. Their barista are still, for some reason, the slowest I've ever seen. I usually get take out pastry from there, and a coffee from bella dolce next door. (Her pastries aren't bad, but not as good as the flaky buttery stuff from essential!)

                      2. Owner of Fleur lost Pearl as part of a divorce deal. So maybe consider not asking them. Just a thought.

                        1. Cafe Besalu in Seattle, no doubt.

                          1. thanks for all the recommendations